Retiree Giving


Retiree Giving

Are you planning on retiring soon? Did you know that you still can contribute to your favorite nonprofits via payroll deduction through your retirement check?

As a retiree, you can continue donating to nonprofits through Our Promise! It’s an easy way to continue your monthly donations to nonprofits that rely on your support.

If you are currently enrolled in Our Promise and already have a deduction taken out, this will NOT roll over once you have retired since you are no longer receiving a pay warrant from the State Controller’s Office.

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Your Partner for Giving into Retirement

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Cal State Retirees! 

Each month you will see an Our Promise ad in their online and printed monthly publication. We want to ensure that ALL California State employees get the most out of retirement! Our Promise makes it easy to continue supporting your favorite charities through our partnership.

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