Retiree Giving


Retiree Giving

Are you planning on retiring soon? Did you know that you still can contribute to your favorite nonprofits via payroll deduction through your CalPERS retiree check?

It’s a great way to keep giving back to your community, and so easy to do. Please fill out the pledge form and complete Option 3. Then fill out section 8 on the pledge form to designate your gift to the nonprofits of your choice. 

If you are currently enrolled in Our Promise and already have a deduction taken out, this will NOT roll over once you have retired since you are no longer receiving a pay warrant from the State Controller’s Office. Its very important to fill out Option 3 on the pledge form so you can continue to give back after retirement.

Completed pledge forms can be mailed in for processing:

Our Promise
Attn: Donor Services
10389 Old Placerville Road
Sacramento, CA 95827

Questions? You can reach our Donor Hotline at 888-863-6466 or via email at