For Nonprofits


For Nonprofits

This section is for nonprofits who are certified with the Our Promise campaign and those who are interested in becoming certified. You can also find information about payments, special events and more. 

Track Payout Information

Have you received a check from the Our Promise campaign or United Way and want to look up the donor details? Go here to access our nonprofit portal. 

Want to find out when you’ll get your donation check? Click here for the Nonprofit FAQ’s and donation payout schedule.

Questions? Call our Donor Hotline at (888) 863-6466!

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Nonprofit FAQs

Find the answer to all of your questions about being a certified nonprofit through Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work. 

How do I become a certified nonprofit under the Our Promise campaign?

Nonprofits apply on an annual basis in January for the Our Promise campaign held each Fall. They can find more information here on how to get started, or can sign up to receive notification on when the application process will become available.


Nonprofit Campaign Timeline

Being a certified nonprofit partner with the Our Promise campaign is special – your organization will have the chance to get in front of thousands of potential donors. To get a better idea of when things happen for our nonprofit partners, please look at the chart below.