For Nonprofits


For Nonprofits

This section is for nonprofits who are certified with the Our Promise campaign and those who are interested in becoming certified. You can also find information about payments, special events and more. 

Track Payout Information

Have you received a check from the Our Promise campaign or United Way and want to look up the donor details? Go here to access our nonprofit portal. 

Want to find out when you’ll get your donation check? Click here for the Nonprofit FAQ’s and donation payout schedule.

Questions? Call our Donor Hotline at (888) 863-6466!

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Shoot Your Shot (via Social Media)
Best Practices for Nonprofit Videos

Incorporating fun, short videos on your social media platforms is a great way to connect with potential donors. 

1. Use Visuals.

Two white women holding signs with a playground in the back. Taller woman with curly hair holding a cutout of California that reads "RECOVER. REBUILD. REVIVE CALIFORNIA. WHAT'S YOUR PROMISE? Other woman with blonde hair holding rectangular sign that reads "I PROMISED."

Be sure to set the scene to help share your story. (For example: if your nonprofit benefits children, but you’re not able to have children in the video, capture video with a playground or toys in the background.)