Campaign Volunteer FAQs


Campaign Volunteer FAQs

Find the answers to all of your questions about being a campaign volunteer for the Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work. 

Where can we find training materials?

We provide training materials for all Campaign Liaisons and campaign volunteers. Please click here.

Where can we find Our Promise logos, brand guidelines, materials, etc.?

We have multiple marketing materials available for your use. Please click here. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please contact your Loaned Executive or the Our Promise office.

What are the important dates that campaign volunteers should be aware of?

This year, Our Promise runs from October 5th to December 31st. However, nonprofits should be aware of things that happen all year. Here’s a look:

January – New, Changed, or Deleted payroll deductions from donations pledged during the previous fall campaign begin. The application period for Nonprofit Certification opens mid-January.

February – Nonprofit Certification is open during February for the fall campaign.

June – We begin recruitment for the Campaign Liaisons and the Leaders United Executives.

July – Leaders United Executives are confirmed. Recruitment for Campaign Liaisons continues.

August – Leaders United begin reaching out to the Campaign Liaisons to begin Campaign planning for their departments. Registration for the annual Our Promise Kick Off is opened for Certified nonprofits to enroll.

September - Campaign planning continues. If possible, the Campaign Liaisons reach out to Executive management of their departments to enlist their support.

October - The campaign officially begins on October 3. The annual Our Promise Kick Off occurs in the first week of the Campaign on the Capitol steps.

November - The official campaign season continues.

December - The last day of the campaign is December 31st. The Our Promise team submits all New, Changed or Stopped deductions to the State Controllers Office to begin on January 1.