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Track My Donations

If you do not have a login for our donor tracker, provide the information below and we’ll send you a link. You’ll be able to see when your nonprofit received your donation and other information.

General information

Options to Manage Your Existing Donation

Donor Hotline

The vast majority of state employees with questions about their current deduction and/or designation(s) should email or call our toll-free Donor Hotline 1-(888) 863-6466.  Please be prepared to provide your name and other personal information.

Being Acknowledged For Your Gift

Gift acknowledgments are sent to Our Promise participants who annually complete check the box “Acknowledge my pledge” at the bottom of their Our Promise ePledge form. You may also check the boxes to choose whether to be acknowledged by “My Address” of “My Email Address” – Refer to the last step on page 7 in the attached “How-To-Guide” pdf. You can choose to be anonymous by UN-checking the boxes before you click confirm. We do encourage you to provide your information (by leaving at least one box checked) in case we have to contact you directly about your designation. 

Cancel Current Donation

A donor may cancel their deduction to Our Promise at any time by logging into the online donor portal here. Once you are logged in, you can review your Existing Donations and nonprofit designations and select the blue button “Cancel Current Donation”. Simply confirm on the next screen. Payroll donation cancellations made in 2020, will be effective after the last pay period of December 2020.  See page 5, Step 2 in the attached “How-To-Guide”.