Nonprofit Outreach Program


Nonprofit Outreach Program

The Our Promise Nonprofit Outreach Program is a great way to connect state employees with the nonprofit agencies who benefit from their generous contributions. 

This campaign year all nonprofit outreach opportunities are going virtual!

The Our Promise Nonprofit Outreach Program organizes two types of events:

  • Speaking Engagements—Trained nonprofit speakers can join your meeting through a virtual meeting platform or a previously recorded video to share their experiences, programs and results directly with employees.
  • Nonprofit Fairs—Multiple nonprofits can join your event through a virtual meeting platform or a previously recorded video so employees can learn about multiple programs at once. Note: Virtual fairs are not recommended for all work environments. Please work with your Our Promise liaison to determine if a virtual fair is right for you before submitting a request.

Request a Nonprofit Fair

To submit a request to book a virtual nonprofit fair for your upcoming campaign event, click here.

Request a Speaker

To submit a request to book a virtual Our Promise representative and nonprofit to come speak at your event, click here.


Four Reasons to Set Up an Our Promise Account
California State Employees Giving at Work is online

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Charitable giving is easier than ever! Our Promise has partnered with Cal Employee Connect to offer online giving for the first time in its 60-year history.

State employees will be able to create their accounts through Cal Employee Connect until November 13, 2020. Anytime after November 13th, accounts may be created through the Our Promise CA website.


Top 10 Nonprofit Organizations of 2019

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California has spoken! Through your generosity, the Our Promise Campaign has raised over 5.7 million dollars to nonprofit organizations all over the world. Which nonprofits do you support with your designation?