Campaign Volunteers


Who’s your PCFD (your local United Way)?

Group of 5 adults wearing LIVE UNITED shirts.

The Department of General (DGS) selects the organization best qualified to manage Our Promise in a designated geographical area. The DGS contracts with United Way California Capital Region (UWCCR), the Principal Combined Fundraiser Operator (PCFO), to facilitate the Our Promise campaign statewide. UWCCR subcontract’s with the other PCFD’s to run the campaign statewide. PCFD’s are also know as the local United Ways. There are 25 PCFD’s included in the 2017 campaign.

Some of the ways in which the local PCFD facilitates the campaign:

  • Serving as a liaison between the PCFD and the state department and their employees in that region
  • Assisting volunteers with all Our Promise materials
  • Coordinating volunteers and speakers for meetings
  • Providing volunteer training

Please see the PCFD Contact spreadsheet for your local PCFD contact.


Campaign Materials

We have provided the tools and resources that our campaign volunteers need to conduct a successful campaign, from a donor pledge form to sample letters and templates such as a business solicitation letter to help with your special event planning. These materials are easily able to be downloaded for your use. 


Leaders United Program
Help run the Our Promise Campaign in your state agency

Each year, Our Promise asks state agencies and departments to loan one or more of their valued employees to participate in the Leaders United Program, formerly the Loaned Executive Program, for an 18-week working session to assist in the annual giving campaign. Leaders United participants (LU’s) serve as an extension of the Our Promise team and work full time in the local United Way offices from late July to early November.

Leaders United Brochure
Leaders United Program Overview


Nonprofit Outreach Program

The Our Promise Nonprofit Outreach Program is a great way to connect state employees with the nonprofit agencies who benefit from their generous contributions. This campaign year nonprofit outreach opportunities will be held in person or through a virtual platform.

The Our Promise Nonprofit Outreach Program organizes two types of events:


Campaign Volunteer Training Resources

To better support our Statewide Leadership Team Members, Statewide Department Campaign Chairs and Key Connectors, this section provides each of you a training manual and additional training resources to help with all aspects of your roles in the campaign.

For more information, contact Ben Acedo.


Campaign Volunteer FAQs

Find the answers to all of your questions about being a campaign volunteer for the Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work. 

Where can we find training materials?

We provide training materials for all campaign volunteers from Department Campaign Chair to Key Connector training, as well as pledge form training for Auditors. We include a manual and Power Print presentation. Please click here.