About Our Promise

Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work was established in 1957 to provide a single charitable fund-raising drive in the State community. Our Promise offers California State employees the opportunity to utilize payroll deduction to support charitable organizations they feel passionate about. The Department of General Services provides oversight of this campaign and the enabling regulations are found in the California Administrative Code.


Campaign Overview

Poppies with California silhouette - Recover. Rebuild. Revive California. What's Your Promise? Our Promise CA Logo.

Thanks to the generosity of California state employees over the last 60 years, the Our Promise initiative has shown our commitment and dedication to communities; its impact is truly historic, and has been the single largest effort among almost 300,000 state employees to support charitable programs. This is our promise to California. Every day. All year.


Our Promise Leadership

Our Promise support includes representatives from all areas of state leadership. View inspiring messages from Our Promise leadership.



Find answers to all of your questions about Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work. What is a PCFD? Where does my money go? How do I cancel my contribution?


Contact Us

There are Our Promise locations throughout the State of California. Let us know your question and we’ll send your request to the appropriate location. Feel free to contact one of our staff members listed below or call the Donor Services Hotline at 1-888-863-6466 or email us at OurPromiseCA@uwccr.org