Marketing Resources for Nonprofits
Video Tips, Toolkits and More


Use these resources to help market your nonprofit during the Our Promise Campaign, October – December. 

Nonprofit Giving Toolkit

Nonprofit Workplace Giving Flyer

Shoot Your Shot (on Social Media)

Incorporating fun, short videos on your social media platforms is a great way to connect with potential donors. 

1. Use Visuals.

Two white women holding signs with a playground in the back. Taller woman with curly hair holding a cutout of California that reads "RECOVER. REBUILD. REVIVE CALIFORNIA. WHAT'S YOUR PROMISE? Other woman with blonde hair holding rectangular sign that reads "I PROMISED."

Be sure to set the scene to help share your story. (For example: if your nonprofit benefits children, but you’re not able to have children in the video, capture video with a playground or toys in the background.)

2. Find a Storyteller.

Although the nonprofit’s executive director is typically the spokesperson, a social media video can feature someone else who is passionate about your cause:

  • A charismatic board member
  • A passionate donor
  • A person who has benefitted from your services

3. Keep It Short and Simple.

Short videos tend to perform best on social media. Specifically, 2-3 minutes on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram only allows videos of up to one minute.

4. Educate and Inspire.

Two white women appearing with masks each holding a small dog.

Social media audiences have short attention spans, however, valuable videos are rewatched repeatedly and shared! Be sure to capture quick messages about your nonprofit:

  • Why your work is important
  • What a donor can provide
  • Where to get more information

5. Add Captions.

Adding captions to your videos can make a bigger impact in many ways. Often, seeing messages along with audio can help audiences understand and retain information. Also, keep in mind that most videos are muted on social media until the user enables the sound.

6. Upload Natively.

Every social media prioritizes content uploaded directly to its platform. Sometimes social media channels don’t show a full preview for YouTube links. The additional steps are worth the effort!