Delia Bolinder
2021 Leaders United Executive, DMV


Why did you choose to participate in the Leaders United program?
I chose to participate in the LU program because I have been a supporter and volunteer of nonprofits since I was a child. I was honored to be chosen to assist with this awesome campaign and I knew that it would provide personal along with professional growth for me. I was so surprised that the core team is very small for a campaign of this magnitude, so if I could help in any way, that was time well spent.

What was your favorite part of the program?
My favorite part was learning about nonprofits especially the small or home-based ones. We are all familiar with the larger more publicized organizations but the small ones serve people in ways that I never thought of before. The variety of services were amazing such as taking donated fresh flowers to people in centers or who are home bound which provided cheer and joy. Another organization teaching kids, from underserved communities, the sport of golf and all the life lessons it provides. In the LU program, we had the opportunity to learn and provide service to several nonprofits, but we also were able to network with a variety of agency and department chair people to assist them in holding a great campaign, especially during the pandemic which provided additional challenges.

What would you tell others who are interested in volunteering?
I think the skills that I gained and the pride of accomplishments in the campaign will provide opportunities for me as I work on promoting in state service. I would say if you like working together for a common goal, having new experiences, and possibly pushing you out of your comfort zone…do it.  I started this opportunity thinking I knew what it involved and found out I that I received so much more  than I ever expected, and I was paid to do it!