Deborah Denham
2022 Leaders United Executive, California Correctional Health Care Services


Why did you choose to participate in the Leaders United program?
Working as a Leaders United Executive was a level of experience I had not yet gotten to do and it was an opportunity to learn more about what is involved in making a successful campaign, so all the nonprofits have what they need so they are able to provide assistance to those in our communities. It was also an opportunity to meet and get to work with the Our Promise team at United Way, other state department employees and nonprofits, and to learn and grow personally and professionally.

What was your favorite part of the program?
Getting to volunteer for a few hours at different nonprofits.  You get hands-on experience and learn more about what those nonprofits do, their needs, and success stories that will warm your heart.  For those that have not yet volunteered at a nonprofit, if you do, you will be giving back by helping others and getting back so much more.

What would you tell others who are interested in volunteering?
Never miss an opportunity to learn and be a better person. If given the opportunity to be a part of the Leaders United program, please don’t pass it up for you will get way more out of the experience than you ever thought you would.