Salome Wameya
California Public Employees Retirement System (CALPERS)


Job Title 

Senior Accounting Officer

What is a brief description of your job?

As an accountant, I am one of the analysts working in the general ledger to keep accurate financial records that result in creating financial reports that get published in the annual financial reports for my agency in particular that gives the public and stakeholders the financial health State.

What is your favorite part about the program or the opportunity to be a part of the program? 

I love to volunteer to make some difference in this world we live in. I have been blessed with a Church family that sponsors charitable events such as serving those that are in need. I get to serve more in my new role because serving resonates with me more than anything else. I thank my agency California Public Employees Retirement System for nominating me to serve the people of California in my new role.

What inspires you to give through the United Way campaign? 

The fact that any charitable organization I designate on my pledge form can count on receiving my contribution on a regular basis and the organizations I support are able to make their financial forecasting better.

Which nonprofits or causes do you donate time or funds to, and why? 

Through my Church I support most of the causes such as Weave, Emancipation of foster youth, feeding the hungry through Loaves and Fishes, supporting financially people escaping violence in other countries.