Meet Kathy Darling
Our Promise Leaders United, Health and Human Services Agency

Q & A: 

Name, state department or agency.  

Kathy Darling, retired from the Department of State Hospitals and working on behalf of Health and Human Services Agency.

What do you enjoy most about working as part of the Leaders  United program on the OP campaign?  

Interacting with and assisting the State departments with their campaigns.​

 How long have you been involved in or volunteered with the campaign?  

This is my second year serving as a Leaders United Executive for the State of California and the Our Promise campaign.​

What inspires you to give through the campaign?  

I learned last year when I lost my husband how much we were benefited by a non-profit, Yolo Hospice.​

What nonprofits do you donate time or funds to, and why?  

As mentioned, I donate to Yolo Hospice, for through their support, my husband was able to live his final days at home. It was a blessing I will never forget and am eternally grateful.​

What has been your favorite part of this experience so far? 

Meeting with the State departments and guiding them through the process to run a successful campaign.​

What are you looking forward to gain as part of Leaders United? 

Working as a team with the other Leaders United to have a successful 2018 campaign and meeting our statewide objectives.​​

What skills or knowledge have you gained while a part of this program and how do you think it will apply to your professional or personal life?   

I have spent nearly my entire career in Human Resources and I have enjoyed learning about working on a Statewide campaign like this that champions giving back and serving others through the many non-profits that benefit and are able to further provide their valuable services to their communities due to the generosity of State employees.

What advice can you give to your fellow state employees who want to get involved? 

It is a wonderful, fulfilling experience and you play an important role in helping serve the community by way of assisting State departments in running successful campaigns in supporting numerous non-profits.​

Any other comments you’d like to add?

I appreciate the opportunity I was given to be involved.