Meet Danielle Gist
Our Promise Loaned Executive, Department of Water Resources

Q & A: 

Name, state department or agency.

Danielle Gist, Department of Water Resources

What do you enjoy most about working as a Loaned Executive on the OP campaign? 

It is difficult to choose one item, I enjoy the entire process, the interaction with all levels of State and United Way employees, donors, receivers, and nonprofit organizations, along with the mission at hand. This is one of the top experiences of my career so far.

How long have you been involved in or volunteered with the campaign?

A total of about 10 years; continuously for the past six.

What inspires you to give through the campaign?

The ease of donation to the organizations of my choice. I respectfully refer to it as the “one and done contribution process.”

What nonprofits do you donate time or funds to, and why?

For the 2017 monthly payroll deduction, I will continue to contribute to Meals on Wheels plus The Petal Connection. The Petal Connection has brought a bright light to a tough time in our life and I support Meals on Wheels because I believe in their mission.

Any other comments you’d like to add?

Sincerely, I take time each day to count my blessings: family, friends, health, love, and life stability. This experience has truly been a humbling, rewarding and fun life blessing and I can not thank you enough for this incredible opportunity!