Deborah Denham
California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS)


Job Title 

Administrative Assistant II

What is a brief description of your job?

I am the assistant to the Federal Receiver who is over CCHCS.

What is your favorite part about the program or the opportunity to be a part of the program? 

Getting to meet and work with different people. Continue learning and being a part of what is involved to make the Our Promise Campaign a success in helping make a difference in our communities.

How long have you been involved in or volunteered with the campaign? 

I have been working for the State of California for over 39 years and have been a Division Coordinator (DC) and Key Connector (KC) over the years. Prior to last year, I was one of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s (CDCR’s) Our Promise Executive Team Members for CCHCS. Last year I was one of the Leaders United Executives for CDCR and CCHCS for the Our Promise campaign.

What inspires you to give through the United Way campaign? 

I have always felt that giving is important and have been giving through Our Promise for all of my state service. With being a mom of a U.S. Marine (Iraq Veteran), giving, volunteering…is my way of honoring those that did not make it back home and to their families. When you have been blessed, it is so important to bless others.

Which nonprofits or causes do you donate time or funds to, and why? 

One of the non-profits I donate to provides scholarships for the children of U.S. Marines that did not make it home; giving back in this way helps me, as a U.S. Marine mom, heal. I also give to various non-profits that rescue animals (cats, dogs, and horses). My ex-mother-in-law passed away of Alzheimer’s so I donate to a non-profit that helps family members learn what to expect and how to cope.