Benjamin Acedo
Manager, Our Promise Campaign


(916) 368-3015

About Benjamin:

I am very excited to be a part of the Our Promise campaign team! Before my work in the nonprofit sector, I had a career in Hospitality and Sales. While I did enjoy what I was doing more or less, I didn’t feel like my work was fulfilling; I didn’t have as much of a sense of purpose as I was looking for.

I was then recruited to work in the private sector of my local United Way, and I found the goal I had been looking for: a sense of purpose to my work, an idea of striving to help others. It was there that I was given the task of working with the local chapter of the Our Promise campaign, and then that I learned about the Our Promise ideology: the commitment to community support; the education of state employees on charitable efforts in their areas; the Promise to care for California. Every day. All year.

I decided to travel to Sacramento to dedicate my time to the Our Promise campaign. I have lived in California my entire life, and I’m happy that I can strive towards making our wonderful state a better place to work, enjoy, and live for every person in it.