Autism Speaks
And Can Sign Too

Post Lt. Ken Roberts Sr., California Highway Patrol

I am Ken Roberts Sr., a Lieutenant with the California Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Section; I have been with the Department for over 17 years.  When he was 2 months old, my son Ken Roberts Jr. had emergency surgery for pyloric stenosis.  When he was almost 18 months old he was diagnosed at the U.C.Davis Mind Institute with Autism Spectrum Disorder and then later with a severe hearing loss.

With the help of the Placer County Alta Regional Center, he has received assistance with hearing aids, FM transmitters for home and school use.  The Regional Center has also coordinated home visits with professional behaviorists and speech therapists which enabled him to increase his communication and cognitive skills.

Ken Jr. continues to receive care and education with the Alta Regional Center and with new technology, studies and treatment though local organizations and continued efforts on treatment for autism are possible

With the current economic state, the non-profit agencies need our support more than ever.  The support they receive from Our Promise (formerly CSECC) greatly benefits families such as mine by providing required assistance or services to children in need.