Global Impact

Charity Tax ID #: 541460147OP Code #: 12812

Operation Smile, Inc.

Through our expertise in treating cleft lip and cleft palate, we create solutions that deliver safe surgery to people where itís needed most.?

3641 Faculty Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23453
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 131760110OP Code #: 12491

United States Fund for UNICEF

Reach children where needs are greatest, immediately respond when emergencies strike, invest in innovative solutions to the problems and advocate for their well being.

125 Maiden Lane, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10038
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 133240109OP Code #: 12443

FINCA International, Inc.

To alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.

1201 15th Street, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20005
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 954453134OP Code #: 11797

Islamic Relief USA

Provides relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities.

3655 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 951922279OP Code #: 11224

World Vision, Inc.

Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing access to clean water, food, health care, education and economic opportunity.

34834 Weyerhaeuser Way South, Federal Way, WA 98063
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 731635264OP Code #: 11216

Episcopal Relief and Development

Facilitates healthier, more fulfilling lives in communities struggling with hunger, poverty, disaster and disease, in three signature program areas: Women, Children and Climate.?

815 Second Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10017
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 593564329OP Code #: 9408

Hope for Haiti Inc.

With experience running poverty alleviation programs since 1989, the organization works to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children.

1021 5th Ave N., Naples, FL 34012
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 134080201OP Code #: 4051

Church World Service, Inc.

A faith-based organization transforming communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster.


28606 Phillips Street, Elkhart, IN 46515
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 132875808OP Code #: 2230

Human Rights Watch, Inc.

Defend the rights of people worldwide. We scrupulously investigate abuses, expose the facts widely, and pressure those with power to respect rights and secure justice.

350 Fifth Avenue, 34 Floor , New York, NY 10118
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 510247185OP Code #: 2039

Prison Fellowship International

We have programs in prisons around the world that are proven to restore prisoners, help their families, and integrate them back into the community.

20116 Ashbrook Place, Suite 250 , Ashburn , VA 20147
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 521224516OP Code #: 1448

Refugees International

Advocates for lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises.

1800 M St. NW, Suite 405N, Washington, DC 20036
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 953949646OP Code #: 1423

International Medical Corps

Global humanitarian organization saving lives and building self-reliance by providing vital medical care; training healthcare providers; rebuilding clinics; and improving water &†sanitation.

12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500, Los Angeles, CA 90025
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 841166148OP Code #: 359

Water For People

An international organization that promotes the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. ††††††

100 East Tennessee Avenue, Denver, CO 80209
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 330412751OP Code #: 351

International Relief Teams

Alleviates human suffering by providing health services and other assistance to victims of disaster, poverty and neglect, in the United States and around the world.

4560 Alvarado Canyon Road, Suite 1H, San Diego, CA 92120
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 446005794OP Code #: 345

Children International

We aim to create a world without poverty where every child, family and community is connected, productive and thriving, through health, education, empowerment and employment.

2000 East Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, MO 64131
(703) 717-5232
Charity Tax ID #: 521485477OP Code #: 342

Health Volunteers Overseas

We envision a world where all people have access to quality health care, working to achieve health for all by educating & supporting health workers.

1900 L Street NW, Suite 310, Washington, DC 20036
(703) 717-5232