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Tax ID # 26-4504468
OP Code # 988066

We protect and defend the rights of children and youth through effective, vigorous and compassionate legal advocacy.

7700 Edgewater Drive, Suite 210, Oakland, CA, 94621
Tax ID # 94-1322166
OP Code # 9174

A safe haven for children, youth, and families affected by abuse, neglect, behavioral health issues and trauma in the Sacramento region.

3555 Auburn Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, 95821
Tax ID # 76-0480069
OP Code # 18155

Speaking with one voice, we save lives by empowering women through support, education, financial assistance and promoting early detection through free mammography and ultrasound screenings.

2922 Rosedale Street, Houston, TX, 77004-6188
Tax ID # 59-2252352
OP Code # 1817

Southeastern Guide Dogs provides guide dogs, service dogs, and companion dogs for adults and children with visual impairments, veterans with disabilities, and others in need.

4210 77th Street East, Palmetto, FL, 34221
Tax ID # 06-0726487
OP Code # 326

Save the Children does whatever it takes – every day and in times of crisis – transforming children’s lives and the future we share.​

501 Kings Highway East, Suite 400, Fairfield, CT, 06825
Tax ID # 52-0882226
OP Code # 307

Provides humanitarian assistance and sustainable development to advance the well-being of refugees and other vulnerable communities in the Middle East.​

1111 14th Street NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC, 20005
Tax ID # 52-1640402
OP Code # 25419

As the nation’s children’s hospital, the mission of Children’s National is to excel in Care, Advocacy, Research and Education.

801 Roeder Rd Ste 650, Silver Spring, MD, 20910
Tax ID # 94-3138992
OP Code # 11223

Breast Cancer Action is a national education and activist organization working to achieve health justice for women at risk of and living with breast cancer.

275 Fifth Street, Suite 307, San Francisco, CA, 64103
Tax ID # 36-4617641
OP Code # 26277

Awards medical research grants and ships medical supplies and humanitarian aid to programs that treat breast cancer and other degenerative diseases. Breast Cancer support groups!

19176 N. 115th Drive, Surprise, AZ, 85374
Tax ID # 52-1782065
OP Code # 12355

Breast Cancer Coalition is dedicated to ending breast cancer through the power of grassroots action and advocacy.

1010 Vermont Avenue, NW Suite 900, Washington, DC, 20005
Tax ID # 94-3155886
OP Code # 7381

The Breast Cancer Fund works to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease.

1388 Sutter St., Suite 400, San Francisco, CA, 94109-5400
Tax ID # 13-3727250
OP Code # 12895

The mission of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research.

28 W 44th St Ste 609, New York, NY, 10036
Tax ID # 68-0314615
OP Code # 16062

Find my child! We’re here to help recover missing children. Abduction prevention information, support for families, and public policies that keep children safe.

PO Box 800, Petaluma, CA, 94953
Tax ID # 30-0247823
OP Code # 18113

HIV+ children don’t have to die. Help us provide life-saving medicine, medical equipment, nutritional supplements, livestock, seeds, and hope to children affected by AIDS.

1520 Greening Lane, Harrisburg, PA, 17110
Tax ID # 95-3130408
OP Code # 1585

Rescues America’s children from the ravages of prostitution. Providing shelter, hope and new-beginnings. With your support, we can save more. Our children deserve a fighting-chance!

14530 Sylvan Street, Van Nuys, CA, 91411
Tax ID # 52-0895622
OP Code # 1513

Protecting children from poverty, abuse and neglect, and ensuring access to quality healthcare. Speaking for vulnerable children who cannot vote, lobby or speak for themselves.

25 E Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20001
Tax ID # 25-1865744
OP Code # 29386

We are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children, teenagers, and young adults through excellence in patient care, teaching, research, and advocacy.

One Children's Hospital Drive, 4401 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15224
Tax ID # 51-0168428
OP Code # 401

Saving children’s lives! Providing life saving food, clothing, blankets, medicines, clean water, vegetable seeds, education and emergency relief to children in the USA and overseas.

2360 Professional Drive Suite, Santa Rosa, CA, 95403
Tax ID # 20-8365998
OP Code # 28089

Leukemia – the #1 cancer among children. We dream of the day when innocent children won’t suffer from this disease by supporting research for a cure.

926 Valley Oaks Rd., St. Paul, MN, 55127
Tax ID # 68-0309705
OP Code # 3137

Provides developmental and behavioral therapies for children with disabilities aged 0-22, regardless of ability to pay~ and free developmental screenings for children under 5 years.

1321 College Street, Suite E, Woodland, CA, 95695
Tax ID # 41-2061798
OP Code # 25530

America’s Children Hungry! Desperate for Food! Hurting and without Hope! Help us provide for the desperate food needs of impoverished children throughout America.

Box 83775, Phoenix, AZ, 85071
Tax ID # 94-3255845
OP Code # 14306

George Mark Children’s House provides the gift of time to children with life-limiting illnesses and their families, with comprehensive, compassionate, and leading-edge care.

2121 George Mark Lane, San Leandro, CA, 94578
Tax ID # 23-7257390
OP Code # 1518

We help struggling families care for their children, and unite orphaned and abandoned children with adoptive families. Because every child deserves a loving, secure home.

PO Box 2880, Eugene, OR, 97402
Tax ID # 46-5275183
OP Code # 29121

Providing for the needs of starving children: food, education and medical care. Shipping medical supplies and equipment to hospitals that treat children with medical conditions.

16150 N Arrowhead Fountain Center Drive #195, Peoria, AZ, 85382
Tax ID # 95-3551068
OP Code # 17753

Helping struggling single mothers with young children to obtain stability through employment and attaining an education keeping children out of the foster care system

38950 Mesa Rd., Temecula, CA, 92592
Tax ID # 95-3786047
OP Code # 14184

Voices for Children transforms the lives of abused, abandoned, or neglected children by providing them with trained, volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs).

2851 Meadow Lark Dr. Juvenile Court, San Diego, CA, 92123
Tax ID # 94-1279800
OP Code # 3100

Easter Seals Superior is committed to helping people with disabilities will have equal opportunity to live, learn, work and play in their community.

3205 Hurley Way, Sacramento, CA, 95864
Tax ID # 94-3068149
OP Code # 28680

Easterseals offers numerous services to support people with autism and other disabilities to work, live independently, and be active in their community.

5558 CA Ave Ste 400, Bakersfield, CA, 93309
Tax ID # 94-3068149
OP Code # 13415

Easterseals offers numerous services to support people with autism and other disabilities to work, live independently, and be active in their community.

401 S Ivy St, Escondido, CA, 92025
Tax ID # 94-3068149
OP Code # 14780

Easterseals offers numerous services to support people with autism and other disabilities to work, live independently, and be active in their community.

1063 McGaw Ave, Irvine, CA, 92614
Tax ID # 95-1656369
OP Code # 737

Your gift provides early intervention, training and education for children from birth through second grade who are blind, building the foundation for their future education.

4120 Marathon Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90029
Tax ID # 36-3894824
OP Code # 9924

Empowering underserved children and families in Nicaragua to reach their full potential, improve their livelihoods, and take advantage of economic opportunity through education and nutrition.

641 S St. NW Third Floor, Washington, DC, 20001
Tax ID # 86-0957009
OP Code # 18171

Provides research grants, medical equipment and supplies to clinics that treat breast cancer and other chronic diseases. Provides educational materials for patients. Cancer support groups.

20280 N 59th Avenue, Ste. 115-312, Glendale, AZ, 85308
Tax ID # 44-6005794
OP Code # 345

We aim to create a world without poverty where every child, family and community is connected, productive and thriving, through health, education, empowerment and employment.​​

2000 East Red Bridge Road , Kansas City, MO, 64131
Tax ID # 94-1156635
OP Code # 13804

With a focus on developing the potential of children, healthy living, and social responsibility, the Y brings about meaningful change in the community.

2111 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA, 94704
Tax ID # 94-2515405
OP Code # 11848

Hospice of the East Bay provides hospice and palliative care services supporting and comforting people and their loved ones through the final stages of life.

3470 Buskirk Avenue, Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523
Tax ID # 59-3254371
OP Code # 25567

Thousands of innocent children are tragically hurt every day by emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Help protect and restore through prevention, rehabilitation and God’s love.

1535 Farmers Lane, #200, Santa Rosa, CA, 95405
Tax ID # 51-0188951
OP Code # 1531

Through advocacy, education, and support for foster, adoptive, and kinship families, NACAC works to ensure that all children have a loving, safe, and permanent family.

970 Raymond Ave Suite 106, St. Paul, MN, 55114
Tax ID # 73-1443028
OP Code # 2722

Saving Asian abandoned, orphaned, destitute, and handicapped children by providing hope and opportunity. Reaching their full potential through basic care, corrective surgery, therapy, and training.

PO Box 702194, Tulsa, OK, 74170
Tax ID # 74-1260710
OP Code # 26293

Abused, neglected and abandoned children. Expectant mothers with no healthcare. Troubled teens and families. Help us to change their lives. Give them a future.

1506 Bexar Crossing, San Antonio, TX, 78232
Tax ID # 91-2055728
OP Code # 16604

For over fifteen years, we have pioneered support for homes providing healthcare, education, and career development to once-neglected visually-impaired children in Vietnam.

PO Box 27036, San Francisco, CA, 94127-0036
Tax ID # 95-4132414
OP Code # 13561

We’re delivering more effective and less toxic treatments to children with cancer, ensuring they not only survive, but go on to lead long, healthy lives.

4800 Hampden Lane Suite 200, Bethesda, MD, 20814
Tax ID # 77-0709388
OP Code # 24027

Help rescue American children from molesters! We help law enforcement get the tools they need to track down thousands of child predators and rescue kids.

2240 Encinitas Boulevard, D4, Encinitas, CA, 92024
Tax ID # 16-1047933
OP Code # 1509

Dedicated to finding loving, adoptive homes for abandoned, abused and neglected children who languish in the foster care system. Many have emotional/mental/physical disabilities.

274 North Goodman Street Suite D103, Rochester, NY, 14607
Tax ID # 47-0902295
OP Code # 28088

Our mission is to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to children of U.S. service members killed in the line of duty, making the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

44900 Prentice Drive, Dulles, VA, 20166
Tax ID # 31-1605964
OP Code # 26020

Vulnerable children in Vietnam facing hunger, inadequate healthcare, homelessness, and lack of education. Help us educate minds, mend bodies, shelter families, and build bright futures.

P.O. Box 18039, Greensboro, NC, 27419
Tax ID # 20-4349120
OP Code # 24974

Our passion is to rescue at-risk children in Nepal by breaking the cycles of poverty and trafficking through compassionate services.

PO Box 492947, Redding, CA, 96049
Tax ID # 86-0932492
OP Code # 18176

Provides childhood cancer research grants. Ships medical supplies and humanitarian aid to programs that treat childhood cancer and other degenerative diseases. Love the children!

P. O. Box 38056, Phoenix, AZ, 85069
Tax ID # 95-4212759
OP Code # 13569

Helping children overcome the effects of abuse, assault, neglect, or mental illness through treatment and family education so they may thrive in safe homes.

45111 Fern Avenue, Lancaster, CA, 93534
Tax ID # 33-0692415
OP Code # 16173

Children dying of hunger, ravaged with disease, uneducated with no hope for the future. Help make a difference. Provide food, medical aid, education and hope.

PO Box 131269, Carlsbad, CA, 92013