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Tax ID #: 201248393
OP Code #: 2700474

Provides dedicated service to local communities through the rescue, care and adoption of lost, abandoned, injured and/or stray domestic animals. No kill. All volunteer organization.

615 South Forbes Ave., Edwards AFB, CA 93523
Tax ID #: 520781390
OP Code #: 21001

AWF works to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. Since 1961, our multi-faceted approach ensures conservation strategies work for wildlife and people.

1100 New Jersey Ave SE, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20003
Tax ID #: 270384523
OP Code #: 25976

Our purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused, neglected, abandoned, or slaughter-bound horses; to educate and involve the community of the horses.

Tax ID #: 521742079
OP Code #: 1828

Alley Cat Allies is the global engine of change for cats. We work to protect and improve the lives of all cats.

7920 Norfolk Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814-2525
Tax ID #: 522279100
OP Code #: 26207

Alley Cat Rescue Inc. promotes the humane care of all cats - domestic, feral, abandoned and stray.

P.O. Box 585, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712
Tax ID #: 943042430
OP Code #: 1000

Making your community a better place to live. LIC charities educate children, feed and shelter the homeless, strengthen families, rescue unwanted animals and much more.

1100 Larkspur Landing Circle, #340, Larkspur, CA 94939
Tax ID #: 541517707
OP Code #: 400

Working to build strong communities. Addressing needs of children, families, communities by helping employers and employees support our member charities’ programs.

14383 Newbrook Drive Suite 300, Chantilly, VA 20151
Tax ID #: 208814368
OP Code #: 25579

Trains and places guide, service, hearing, PTSD dogs. Transforming lives of disabled veterans, active service members and first responders so they can live without boundaries.

371 East Jericho Tpke., Smithtown, NY 11787
Tax ID #: 521501259
OP Code #: 13522

Protecting native wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas, through reserve creation, habitat restoration, and threat reduction, leading public/private conservation partnerships to get results.

700 E Redlands Blvd, Ste U 241, Redlands, CA 92373
Tax ID #: 133813813
OP Code #: 1853

The AKC Canine Health Foundation is dedicated to advancing the health of all dogs by funding scientific research to prevent, treat and cure canine disease.

8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Raleigh, NC 27617
Tax ID #: 942681680
OP Code #: 11478

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the lives and advancing the interest of animals through the legal system.

525 E. Cotati Avenue, Cotati, CA 94931
Tax ID #: 651195078
OP Code #: 17373

No-kill that rescues and rehabilitates homeless animals, educate responsible animal care, promote benefits to animal ownership and provides safe haven in a cage-free sanctuary.

4811 Myrtle Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95841
Tax ID #: 954520550
OP Code #: 988131

Since 1994 our mission has been making a difference in the pet overpopulation by rescuing and re-homing abandoned animals.

1464 Madera Rd., #N350, Simi Valley, CA 93065
Tax ID #: 135655952
OP Code #: 10618

The Animal Welfare Institute seeks better treatment of animals everywhere-in the laboratory, on the farm, in commerce, at home, and in the wild.

900 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003
Tax ID #: 131623829
OP Code #: 5255

The ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.

520 Eighth Avenue , New York, NY 10018
Tax ID #: 941254630
OP Code #: 15700

To provide meaningful volunteer opportunities to Chico State students, develop student leaders, and serve a broad base of community needs.

401 W 1st Street, Chico, CA 95929
Tax ID #: 946069140
OP Code #: 4489

Through wildlife sanctuaries and centers for nature education, ACR preserves precious habitat for native plants and animals, while teaching nature appreciation to all ages.

4900 Highway One, Stinson Beach, CA 94970
Tax ID #: 742553144
OP Code #: 2607

Bat Conservation International’s mission is to conserve the world’s bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy planet.

500 N Capital of Texas Hwy , Bldg. 1, Suite 201, Austin, TX 78746
Tax ID #: 463103205
OP Code #: 27896

We save and foster GSDs. Our dogs come from shelters where they_x0019_ ve been abandoned or from owners who aren’t able to care for them.

4593 Lambert Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Tax ID #: 680259118
OP Code #: 14195

Our Assistance Dogs empower people who are struggling with physical and emotional issues to regain sense of connection and expand life possibilities.

10201 Old Redwood Hwy, Penngrove, CA 94951
Tax ID #: 941347069
OP Code #: 15118

We’re dedicated to placing homeless animals with committed caretakers. We envision a community that values animals and respects, protects and cares for their needs.

2700 Ninth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
Tax ID #: 237147797
OP Code #: 11068

For 35+ years, we’ve run the nationís largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals and built effective programs reducing the number of animals entering shelters.

5001 Angel Canyon Rd., , Kanab, UT 84741
Tax ID #: 593330495
OP Code #: 26268

Tigers confined to circus wagons. Lions bred for photos then to be shot in cages. Lynx farmed for their fur. Help us save big cats.

12802 Easy Street, Tampa, FL 33625
Tax ID #: 273455389
OP Code #: 29146

Stop the killing of elephants and rhinos! Using effective and innovative anti-poaching conservation strategies, Big Life Foundation protects East Africa’s wildlife and wild lands.

1715 N Heron Drive, Ridgefield, WA 98642
Tax ID #: 946187633
OP Code #: 5211

Works to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife, including endangered species, and encourage compassionate conservation globally.

1122 S Street, P.O. Box 32160, Sacramento, CA 95811
Tax ID #: 770566494
OP Code #: 2700527

The mission of the California Farmland Trust is to help farmers protect the best farmland in the world.

8970 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove , CA 95624
Tax ID #: 943227003
OP Code #: 5550165

CIB advances partnerships and grows solutions to save, understand, and celebrate California_x0019_ s remarkable diversity. _x000D_

2140 Shattuck Ave #711, Berkeley, CA 94704
Tax ID #: 581974410
OP Code #: 2647

Teaching great dogs for special people. Invest in freedom by providing service dogs to children and adults with disabilities. Thank you!

3160 Francis Road, Milton, GA 30004
Tax ID #: 942494324
OP Code #: 1804

Canine Companions enhances independence for children, adults, and veterans with disabilities through expertly trained service dogs, at no cost to our clients.

PO Box 446, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446
Tax ID #: 455591906
OP Code #: 27510

We equip K-9 police dogs with bullet-resistant, knife-resistant, blast-resistant protective vests to help keep them safe in the line of duty.

607 Blue Water Way, Canton, GA 30114
Tax ID #: 43412812
OP Code #: 2760

Increasing independence for children with disabilities and their families by promoting service dog partnerships, understanding and awareness throughout the community.

65 James Street, Worcester, MA 1603
Tax ID #: 272033192
OP Code #: 26283

We rescue cats facing imminent execution if they do not get interim financial sponsors or foster parents or receive medical treatment required to become adoptable.

607 Blue Water Way, Canton, GA 30114
Tax ID #: 943255070
OP Code #: 3079902

We enable 90+ charities who work in education, arts, animal welfare, social and environmental justice, to improve the lives of over 600,000 people.

1000 Broadway, Suite 480, Oakland, CA 94607
Tax ID #: 770204523
OP Code #: 28182

Rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, educating people about their environment, and providing sanctuary for illegal exotic pets. We help over 1000 wild animals each year.

36710 Sand Creek Road, Squaw Valley, CA 93675
Tax ID #: 521759077
OP Code #: 1811

Mission: Ensuring quality care & treatment of horses through intervention, education, & outreach

PO Box 309, Lisbon, MD 21765
Tax ID #: 953759277
OP Code #: 1842

D.E.L.T.A. Rescue is the Largest Care-for-Life Animal Sanctuary. Caring for up to 1500 animals at the 120-acre Sanctuary.

P.O. Box 9, Glendale, CA 91209
Tax ID #: 530183181
OP Code #: 21022

Working since 1947 to save America’s endangered animals and threatened habitats for future generations’ benefit through public education, citizen advocacy, legal action and scientific research.

980 9th Street, Suite 1730, Sacramento, CA 95814
Tax ID #: 237413415
OP Code #: 21023

Working for the conservation of the threatened desert tortoise and other sensitive wildlife species through acquisition and management of desert habitat, research, and educational outreach.

114 B South China Lake Blvd, Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Tax ID #: 521118866
OP Code #: 7610

Helping People. Saving Gorillas.

800 Cherokee Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
Tax ID #: 272063483
OP Code #: 26342

Dogs and cats are dumped on the streets…injured, scared and hungry. Finding safe, loving homes for these helpless victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect.

14173 Fern Road, Guerneville, CA 95446
Tax ID #: 30480223
OP Code #: 26267

We are dedicated to saving dogs from a horrific life to one of companionship and love, and helping pet owners with medical needs.

1915 Moonlight Road, Smithfield, VA 23430
Tax ID #: 930681311
OP Code #: 12476

Dogs for Better Lives professionally trains dogs, placing them nationally, to help better people’s lives.

10175 Wheeler Road, Central Point, OR 97502
Tax ID #: 202250869
OP Code #: 18106

Provide medical-alert service dogs that detect hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in insulin-dependent diabetics to alert them or others to their condition before they become incapacitated.

1400 Willow Pass Court, Concord, CA 94520
Tax ID #: 205530700
OP Code #: 18107

We rescue dogs facing imminent execution if they do not get interim financial sponsors or foster parents or receive medical treatment required to become adoptable.

607 Blue Water Way, Canton, GA 30114
Tax ID #: 453109600
OP Code #: 28628

Dogs on Deployment provides fostering, financial assistance and resources for pets belonging to military members, wounded warriors and veterans to assist during military commitments.

970 W Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92025
Tax ID #: 272063576
OP Code #: 26341

Turtle eggs raided by poachers; dolphins trapped in fishing nets; whales hunted mercilessly. Their habitats are being destroyed by humans. Help before it’s too late.

14173 Fern Road, Guerneville, CA 95446
Tax ID #: 274237968
OP Code #: 26809

Our dogs are trained to alert their diabetic partners of changes in blood sugar levels and avoid potentially life threatening low blood sugar events.

1641 Challenge Dr., Suite 300, Concord, CA 94520
Tax ID #: 942889684
OP Code #: 21024

Earth Island supports 80+ projects worldwide that protect our shared environment, including: safeguarding our oceans; wildlife and habitat restoration; and adult/youth environmental education and training.

2150 Allston Way, Suite 460, Berkeley, CA 94704
Tax ID #: 941730465
OP Code #: 16146

Earthjustice wields the power of law to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, protect peopleís health, advance clean energy, and combat climate changeówithout charging clients.

50 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94111
Tax ID #: 521601960
OP Code #: 5550122

EarthShare delivers funding to environmental nonprofits working to protect our air and water, fight for environmental justice, promote land and wildlife conservation, and much more.

1717 K Street, NW Suite 900, Washington, DC 20006