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Tax ID # 57-1195947
OP Code # 29236

Serves as a community-centered provider of services to improve health, education and economic opportunities for individuals and families.

1908 N. Beale Road, Marysville, CA, 95901
Tax ID # 52-1485477
OP Code # 342

We envision a world where all people have access to quality health care, working to achieve health for all by educating & supporting health workers.​

1900 L Street NW, Suite 310, Washington, DC, 20036
Tax ID # 51-0555174
OP Code # 18115

Provides research grants, medical and humanitarian supplies to hospitals. Provides heart disease educational material to patients and families. Curing begins with a caring heart!

PO Box 37424, Phoenix, AZ, 85069
Tax ID # 27-1373270
OP Code # 185

Providing low-cost counseling to community members while also providing a rich training experience for therapists on the path toward licensure.

420 Folsom Road, Suite C, Roseville, CA, 95678
Tax ID # 13-5562162
OP Code # 316

Saves the sight and lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged; combats the causes and consequences of blindness, poor health and malnutrition.

One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Floor 2, New York, NY, 10017
Tax ID # 68-0182998
OP Code # 20014

HCC promotes access to care and the advancement of quality of life for people with bleeding disorders through advocacy, education, and outreach.

717 K Street, Suite 501, Sacramento, CA, 95814
Tax ID # 13-5633307
OP Code # 28518

For almost 140 years, this organization has been helping refugees rebuild their lives in safety and freedom. ​

1300 Spring Street, Suite 500, Silver Spring, MD, 20910
Tax ID # 33-0459227
OP Code # 18879

We are a 90-day family shelter program helping homeless men, women and children find solutions to their employment and housing needs.

14049 Amargosa Road, Victorville, CA, 92392
Tax ID # 74-2466103
OP Code # 9905

Hispanics suffer economic barriers and have the highest high school drop-out rate. We provide internships, scholarships, and college retention/advancement programs to reverse this statistic.

8415 Datapoint, Suite 400, San Antonio, TX, 78229
Tax ID # 52-1051044
OP Code # 16120

HSF empowers Latino families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete higher education while providing scholarships and support services to exceptional Hispanic American students.

1411 West 190th Street Suite 700, Gardena, CA, 90248
Tax ID # 23-7257390
OP Code # 1518

We help struggling families care for their children, and unite orphaned and abandoned children with adoptive families. Because every child deserves a loving, secure home.

PO Box 2880, Eugene, OR, 97402
Tax ID # 33-0673009
OP Code # 24976

Providing shelter to homeless children, families and Veterans in America. Creating housing and support services so individuals can rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.

7 Upper Newport Plaza Suite 200, Newport Beach, CA, 92660
Tax ID # 94-3266686
OP Code # 15112

We provide mental health, family support, case management, parent education, advocacy and consultation services to homeless children, youth and families throughout San Francisco.

3450 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA, 94124
Tax ID # 54-2143612
OP Code # 18116

We build mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans Post-9/11, to enable them to rebuild their lives.

6 Main St, Taunton, MA, 2780
Tax ID # 94-2777955
OP Code # 3116

Helping those living with behavioral health challenges, substance use disorders, and homelessness by supporting their independence, promoting their housing stability, and empowering positive life changes.

650 Howe Avenue, 400-A, Sacramento, CA, 95825
Tax ID # 59-3564329
OP Code # 9408

With experience running poverty alleviation programs since 1989, the organization works to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children.​

1021 5th Ave N., Naples, FL, 34012
Tax ID # 20-5182295
OP Code # 26354

Restore self, family and hope! Our programs support employment and education, clinical health and wellness, sports and recreation, build community and military relations and more.

8003 Forbes Place Suite 201, Springfield, VA, 22151
Tax ID # 04-3129839
OP Code # 13634

Sick mothers in Cambodia. Orphans in Kenyan slums. Flood victims in the Philippines. Undereducated youth in the U.S. Help us bring them hope.

4231 Balboa Ave #330, San Diego, CA, 92117
Tax ID # 65-0943337
OP Code # 10911

The Foundation funds everyday expenses crucial to the peace of mind of hospice patients and families; and, these are needs not covered under Medicare Benefit.

3440 Hollywood Blvd Suite 415, Hollywood, FL, 33021
Tax ID # 59-2219888
OP Code # 2522

Supporting individuals through life-ending illness and assisting families /caregivers with grief and loss. We emphasize hospice and palliative care while providing public and professional education.

1707 L Street NW Suite 220, Washington, DC, 20036
Tax ID # 94-2404634
OP Code # 18095

Living well includes dying peacefully, in comfort, and with dignity. We advocate for and financially support compassionate end-of-life care through a variety of service providers.

80 Garden Ct Ste 201, Monterey, CA, 93940
Tax ID # 94-2499333
OP Code # 8192

Hospice of Humboldt strives to provide heartfelt end of life care and grief support services for all who need them in northern Humboldt County.

3327 Timber Fall Court, Eureka, CA, 95503
Tax ID # 95-3219656
OP Code # 18058

Hospice of the Conejo is a community based non-profit, non-medical volunteer hospice and grief support center. Our services are always offered completely free of charge.

80 E. Hillcrest Dr., Ste. 204, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360
Tax ID # 94-2823240
OP Code # 13253

Exceptional, compassionate, family-centered home health and hospice care for loved ones who face terminal and chronic illness. Help Pathways promote comfort, independence and dignity.

585 North Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, 94085
Tax ID # 20-2976148
OP Code # 25302

Hospitality House offers a wide variety of services, including emergency shelter, food, clothing, job-training, outreach support, mental health counseling, enrichment classes, transportation and housing assistance.

1262 Sutton Way, Grass valley, CA, 95945
Tax ID # 23-7334012
OP Code # 28711

Catholic Charities is a multi-service organization that provides a range of services for the poor, homeless and destitute in both Imperial and San Diego Counties.

1948 W. Orange Ave. El Centro, Ca. 92243, El Centro, CA, 92243
Tax ID # 94-2154614
OP Code # 13636

HIP Housing’s unique programs prevent homelessness and help low-income individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty, and find a place to call home.

364 South Railroad Avenue, San Mateo, CA, 94401
Tax ID # 13-2875808
OP Code # 2230

Defend the rights of people worldwide. We scrupulously investigate abuses, expose the facts widely, and pressure those with power to respect rights and secure justice.​

350 Fifth Avenue, 34 Floor , New York, NY, 10118
Tax ID # 55-0914744
OP Code # 28114

Co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, we support persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups in situations of conflict, natural disaster, and poverty in 60 countries.​

8757 Georgia Avenue, Suite 420, Silver Spring, MD, 20910
Tax ID # 33-1005895
OP Code # 2700580


210 N. TIPTON ST, VISALIA, CA, 93292
Tax ID # 95-3422004
OP Code # 16910

Prevent child abuse, raise public awareness through free countywide Parent Education Programs in English/Spanish, Parent Community Seminars, community collaborations and the Annual Children’s Fair.

563 W. Main St. El Centro. Ca. 92243, El Centro, CA, 92243
Tax ID # 51-0198509
OP Code # 988086

Support independent, investigative community journalism focused on the critical issues of social justice, healthcare, mental health, economic disparity, immigration, wildfires and the environment.

1124 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento, CA, 95815
Tax ID # 94-3056179
OP Code # 988264

We change lives by connecting the community with resources for cultural development. We are actively weaving the arts into the fabric of our communities.

525 7th St., Eureka, CA, 95501
Tax ID # 33-0102667
OP Code # 17743

Providing legal help for those who cannot hire private attorneys because of limited financial resources and language barriers which may include illiteracy.

2060 University Ave. Ste. 113, Riverside, CA, 92507
Tax ID # 20-1647743
OP Code # 28698

Inspire exists to break the cycle of abuse and poverty through stable housing, education, training, and mentorship of foster and homeless youth.

2279 Eagle Glen Pkwy. #112-131, Corona, CA, 92883
Tax ID # 95-3523177
OP Code # 10818

Stand for the Truth! Science strongly supports the Bible’s authority and accuracy. Scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations equip Christians to defend their Faith.

PO Box 59029, Dallas, TX, 75229
Tax ID # 75-2401334
OP Code # 29054

Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Child Maltreatment, Elder Abuse, Human Trafficking and Trauma: Problems affecting us all. Take action to help us reduce interpersonal violence.

10065 Old Grove Road, Suite 101, San Diego, CA, 92131
Tax ID # 68-0112585
OP Code # 24440

IFM feeds the hungry and works towards reducing food insecurity in Western Nevada County. Providing supplemental groceries every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and second Saturday.

440 Henderson St, Grass valley, CA, 95945
Tax ID # 52-1081455
OP Code # 28120

Anchored in the principle of human dignity, ICRW advances gender equity, social inclusion and shared prosperity.​

1120 20th Street NW, Suite 500N, Washington, DC, 20036
Tax ID # 33-0412343
OP Code # 24003

Provides hope, love and compassion to orphaned, abandoned and relinquished children through adoption, foster care, humanitarian aid and family training. Making a difference for children.

41745 Rider Way, Suite 2, Temecula, CA, 92590
Tax ID # 95-3949646
OP Code # 1423

Global humanitarian organization saving lives and building self-reliance by providing vital medical care; training healthcare providers; rebuilding clinics; and improving water & sanitation.​

12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500, Los Angeles, CA, 90025
Tax ID # 25-1679348
OP Code # 4624

Provides humanitarian/development assistance to people in the US, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East who have been devastated by manmade and natural disasters.​

110 West Road, Suite 360 , Baltimore, MD , 21204
Tax ID # 33-0412751
OP Code # 351

Alleviates human suffering by providing health services and other assistance to victims of disaster, poverty and neglect, in the United States and around the world.​

4560 Alvarado Canyon Road, Suite 1H, San Diego, CA, 92120
Tax ID # 13-5660870
OP Code # 319

Responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping people to survive, recover and gain control of their future.​

122 East 42nd Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY, 10168
Tax ID # 20-1664531
OP Code # 18473

Help address critical issues facing Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families, including mental health injuries, Traumatic Brain Injury, high suicide rates and staggering unemployment.

119 West 40th Street, 19th Floor, New York, NY, 10018
Tax ID # 95-4453134
OP Code # 11797

Provides relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities.​

3655 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, VA, 22304
Tax ID # 33-0023938
OP Code # 14611

enriching quality of life of those 50 & older in the community while maintaining the highest level of advocacy and providing health & wellness programs.

5257 Sierra St., Riverside, CA, 92504
Tax ID # 94-1156528
OP Code # 12760

Coordinated system of care helps 120,000 people annually through hardships and crises. Parenting guidance, food, senior care, counseling, youth programs, and more strengthen our community.

2150 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, 94115
Tax ID # 33-0613083
OP Code # 17677

We provide mental health counseling, senior care management, substance abuse counseling, emergency assistance, community education, information and referrals.

490 S. Farrell Dr., Ste. C, Palm Springs, CA, 92262
Tax ID # 33-0071613
OP Code # 2700637

Empowering teen women to increase their sense of self-worth and maximize their potential contribution to society through individualized mentorship programs

73555 San Gorgonio Way, Palm Desert, CA, 92260