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Tax ID #: 510662715
OP Code #: 988088

A multicultural, community led organization that empowers under-served community members with young children. We create early childhood family resource centers with innovative programming.

2800 Park Blvd., Oakland, CA 94610
Tax ID #: 860481941
OP Code #: 426

We create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. A wish helps a child replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope.

1702 E. Highland Ave, Suite 400, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Tax ID #: 942958481
OP Code #: 11571

We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy

1333 Broadway Suite 200, Oakland, CA 94612
Tax ID #: 330777892
OP Code #: 17678

The mission is to help our neighbors in need to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty by promoting self-sufficiency.

83791 Date Avenue, Indio, CA 92201
Tax ID #: 742238462
OP Code #: 2040

Caring for military families through relational ministry to military teens worldwide. Partnering with Young Life and the local chapel. Where friends, fun and faith connect.

540 N Cascade Ste 300, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Tax ID #: 770292572
OP Code #: 919

Abandoned, orphaned, hungry and lonely children in forgotten countries of Eastern Europe need your help.Please join us in giving hope for a better future.

P.O. Box 6008, Camarillo, CA 93011
Tax ID #: 834599203
OP Code #: 5550135

We provide physical and nutritional education and guidance to underserved youth and their famUto combat the epidemic of childhood obesity.

1524 McLeod Place, Pomona, CA 91768
Tax ID #: 474106354
OP Code #: 129

A support organization for Children and Youth who are victims of mass incarceration, recidivism, and abandonment.

2130 N Arrowhead, San Bernardino, CA 92405
Tax ID #: 412111171
OP Code #: 27175

As a family resource center, the mission of the center is to provide food, education, assistance and referrals in crisis situations and promote community awareness of needs and available resources. The Monument Crisis Center provides crisis assistance to at-risk and extremely low income families in contra costa county with a 7-day supply of canned, dry packaged and fresh food. Clients are eligible to come once a month to pick up groceries; regularly attend classes, workshops, and programs; and utilize on-site collaborations and off-site referrals.

1990 Market St, Concord, CA 94520
Tax ID #: 942707273
OP Code #: 475

We exist to end drunk driving, educate about the dangers of underage drinking, support law enforcement and support victims of impaired driving or boating.

PO Box 341009, Sacramento, CA 95834
Tax ID #: 330653707
OP Code #: 13383

The Boys & Girls Club of the Mountain Communities provides before and after school programs for children ages 6 to 18, promoting academics, character and health.

607 Forest Shade Rd, Crestline, CA 92325
Tax ID #: 954671812
OP Code #: 12967

My Stuff Bags Foundation provides individual duffels of new belongings to children who enter foster care and crisis shelters with nothing of their own.

5347 Sterling Center Dr., Westlake Village, CA 91361
Tax ID #: 520908178
OP Code #: 435

Works to improve and advance the quality of life for Black children and families through education, advocacy, and other programs.

8455 Colesville Road, Suite 910, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tax ID #: 521263121
OP Code #: 16595

Most deaf children are behind in English language and literacy. Reading opens the door to their future. Give them the power of English to succeed.

3603 Quentin Road 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11234
Tax ID #: 132992567
OP Code #: 540

NDSS supports and advocates for the Down syndrome community by focusing on three areas of programming: Resources & Support, Policy & Advocacy and Community Engagement.

8 East 41st Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10017
Tax ID #: 942583284
OP Code #: 14340

Providing culturally competent and linguistically appropriate legal representation, social services, and advocacy for the marginalized segments of the community; low-income women, seniors, immigrants, youth.

1121 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Tax ID #: 952021700
OP Code #: 13501

Kid Healthy builds healthy communities by engaging students and families from socio-economic disadvantaged neighborhoods through culturally appropriate activities and leadership programs that measurably improve health.

1901 E. Fourth Street, Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Tax ID #: 541460147
OP Code #: 12812

Through our expertise in treating cleft lip and cleft palate, we create solutions that deliver safe surgery to people where itís needed most.?

3641 Faculty Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23453
Tax ID #: 330047994
OP Code #: 14563

Orange County United Wayís mission is to improve lives by delivering measurable long-term solutions to complex issues in education, financial stability, health and housing.

18012 Mitchell South, Irvine, CA 92614
Tax ID #: 237069110
OP Code #: 320

Global organization working to end the injustice of poverty.

226 Causeway St., 5th Floor, Boston, MA 2114
Tax ID #: 953797363
OP Code #: 25011

Our mission is to battle poverty by empowering youth and families in Los Angeles with the skills, resources, and relationships necessary to thrive.

184 S. Bimini Place, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Tax ID #: 526054268
OP Code #: 321

We empower marginalized groups, women, youth, LGBTI, Afro and indigenous people, and migrants. We partner with and enable civil society, governments, and the private sector.

1889 F Street NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20006
Tax ID #: 680169962
OP Code #: 28810

Parent Services Project engages and strengthens families to take leadership for the well-being of their children, families, and communities.

79 Belvedere St Suite 101, San Rafael, CA 94901
Tax ID #: 942814246
OP Code #: 14026

Empowers families of individuals with special needs, offering 1:1 support, webinars, and programs on special education, public benefits, assistive technology, transition to adulthood, and more.

1400 Parkmoor Ave Ste 100, San Jose, CA 95126-3797
Tax ID #: 831523594
OP Code #: 5550133

Help make California’s state parks more welcoming, inclusive and climate resilient.

400 Capitol Mall, Suite 900, Sacramento, CA 9814
Tax ID #: 275502745
OP Code #: 191

UnChained_x0019_ s win-win solution rehabilitates at-risk youth through evidence-based training of rescue dogs providing both with a second chance at life!_x000D_ _x000D_

PO Box 441, Soquel, CA 95073
Tax ID #: 330099451
OP Code #: 29295

We provide children with Type 1 diabetes and their families with education, psychosocial support, and treatment assistance to cope with the disease’s medical and emotional challenges.

505 S. Main Street, 4th Floor Suite 431, Orange, CA 92868
Tax ID #: 237091547
OP Code #: 5550006

The Peralta Colleges Foundation is an independent 501 © (3) nonprofit auxiliary to the Peralta Community College District. The Foundation supports academic excellence and success throughout the District by building partnerships in the region to raise funds for scholarships to committed students and financial support to the four district colleges.

333 E 8th St, Oakland, CA 94606
Tax ID #: 941614596
OP Code #: 792

If we don’t have arts in our schools, we don’t have education in our schools. Help ignite young minds through the arts!

1661 Tennessee Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Tax ID #: 943136030
OP Code #: 5550160

Performing Stars transforms the lives of low-income, primarily multicultural, children throughout Marin County by using enrichment programs to build pride, character, discipline and self-esteem.

271 Drake Avenue, Marin, CA 94965
Tax ID #: 942271299
OP Code #: 14230

PPSC is dedicated to improving the social and economic health of our community by providing programs that strengthen the dignity and self-sufficiency of the individual.

1500 Petaluma Blvd. South, Petaluma, CA 94952
Tax ID #: 135661832
OP Code #: 312

We are a global girlsí rights organization working to end gender inequality around the world.

155 Plan Way, Warwick, RI 2886
Tax ID #: 941583439
OP Code #: 4080

Accessible, personalized, affordable reproductive and primary health care, educational programs and advocacy for women, men, teens and families throughout central and northern California.

201 29th St Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95816
Tax ID #: 941583439
OP Code #: 24731

Accessible, personalized, affordable reproductive and primary health care, educational programs and advocacy for women, men, teens and families throughout central and northern California.

6095 N First St, Fresno, CA 93710
Tax ID #: 941583439
OP Code #: 28676

Accessible and affordable reproductive, primary, gender affirming, and behavioral health care, ; educational programs, and advocacy for women, men, teens, and families throughout central/northern California.

1691 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126
Tax ID #: 941583439
OP Code #: 2700495

Accessible, personalized, affordable reproductive and primary health care, educational programs and advocacy for women, men, teens and families throughout central and northern California.

625 Hilby Ave, Seaside, CA 93955
Tax ID #: 200111859
OP Code #: 2700575

Free after school, summer, and parent programming for K-12 youth and their families in Pomona including daily homework assistance and enrichment workshops.

401 N. Gibbs St., Pomona, CA 91767
Tax ID #: 680269353
OP Code #: 797

Provide scholarships, grants and educational assistance to low-income minorities and others in California, who in spite of their circumstances demonstrate a desire to excel.

9027 South Figueora Street, Los Angeles, CA 90003-3229
Tax ID #: 510247185
OP Code #: 2039

We have programs in prisons around the world that are proven to restore prisoners, help their families, and integrate them back into the community.

20116 Ashbrook Place, Suite 250 , Ashburn , VA 20147
Tax ID #: 330834635
OP Code #: 18004

We give families living in low-income communities the tools they need to cultivate strong communities, positive changes, and hopeful futures through innovative programs and services.

2100 W Orangewood Ave #230, Orange, CA 92868
Tax ID #: 753099628
OP Code #: 26781

Ending the Cycle of Homelessness One Child at a Time

1954 Placentia Ave, Suite 202, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Tax ID #: 814089707
OP Code #: 3080108

Non-profit, non-partisan Foundation dedicated to providing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) educational resources to students/educators, and professional development opportunities for the future engineering workforce.

455 Capitol Mall, Suite 500, Sacramento, CA 95814
Tax ID #: 520976257
OP Code #: 861

Provides books to children nationwide and engages children, parents, and communities in reading and motivational activities to encourage a lifelong love of reading.

750 First Street NE, Suite 920, Washington, DC 20002
Tax ID #: 943212617
OP Code #: 988122

We serve underserved children (ages 6-17), providing sports/fitness activities, academic support, learning enrichment, community service, outdoor adventures and leadership training.

73 Leland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134
Tax ID #: 680121855
OP Code #: 14235

We seek to end hunger in our community, providing nutritious food to thousands of families and individuals across five counties in northern California.

3990 Brickway Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Tax ID #: 800879681
OP Code #: 179

Providing a safe environment, emotional support and academic/career guidance, to fill the gaps fatherless children face and equipping them with tools needed to transform.

320 North E Street Suite 304, San Bernardino, CA 92401
Tax ID #: 954465783
OP Code #: 3020690

We provide adaptive horseback riding to children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. We also provide physical therapy, specializing in using the movement of the horse to improve specific medical conditions.

401 Ronel Court, Newbury Park, CA 91320
Tax ID #: 330035455
OP Code #: 3020435

We support the physical, mental, and emotional health of disabled children and adults with therapeutic equine-assisted activities. Changing Lives One Ride At A Time!

4461 S. Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028
Tax ID #: 161541024
OP Code #: 26009

Growing a global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives, and responding to emergencies.

4801 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27612
Tax ID #: 770359133
OP Code #: 2700498

Our mission is to build career pathways for economic equity and climate resilience in the California Bay Area and San Joaquin County.

1116 36th Street, Oakland, CA 94608