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Tax ID # 59-3131709
OP Code # 11233

Leave a lasting legacy! Help us advocate for manatee and habitat protection, promote public awareness, sponsor research, rescue, rehabilitation and release efforts.

500 N Maitland Avenue, Maitland, FL, 32751
Tax ID # 22-1539721
OP Code # 5230

Enhancing lives by bringing independence, dignity and self-confidence to blind people through our Seeing Eye® dogs. These dogs bring mobility, safety and self-sufficiency to thousands.

P O Box 375, Morristown, NJ, 07963-0375
Tax ID # 94-1167409
OP Code # 5814

Shelters homeless, neglected, and abused pets and livestock; investigates animal cruelty; and rescues and rehabilitates orphaned or injured wildlife.

1002 Monterey Salinas Highway, Salinas, CA, 93908
Tax ID # 94-2759874
OP Code # 16888

We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. And promote appreciation of wildlife through our education outreach program.

403 Mecham Rd, Petaluma, CA, 94952
Tax ID # 20-8516676
OP Code # 26344

Using horses to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth living with social, emotional or physical challenges, including terminal illness.

6496 Crow Canyon Road, Castro Valley, CA, 94552
Tax ID # 91-2045938
OP Code # 28844

We rescue, home-foster, rehabilitate and adopt out purebred (and mixed-breed) dogs from shelters and from owners who need to give up their dog.

6961 Chiala Lane, San Jose, CA, 95129
Tax ID # 27-0645720
OP Code # 696

SPONSORING TRUE ADVOCACY FOR CHALLENGED YOUTH is an organization advocating for children with special needs and their families through diverse programs and partnerships.

1441 Mayfield Street, Sacramento, CA, 95835
Tax ID # 68-0305389
OP Code # 28812

To provide quality advance training to canines and their handlers. To participate in events that will help reinforce trust within the community for our police officers.

1250 S Wilson Way #D2, Stockton, CA, 95205
Tax ID # 68-0099721
OP Code # 6632

Free annual outdoor performing arts festival featuring lavishly costumed dance presentations set to classical music of the Johann Strauss family performed by a live orchestra

8970 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove, CA, 95624
Tax ID # 68-0239282
OP Code # 13032

Services for HIV/AIDS youth and families including: (Camp Sunburst) family-centered medical case management, emergency childcare, family counseling, mental health services, and HIV/AIDS prevention and education.

2143 Hurley Way, Ste 240, Sacramento, CA, 95825
Tax ID # 54-1858176
OP Code # 26678

We provide legal services to immigrant women who live in the United States and have a legitimate claim to legal status.

881 Sneath Lane Ste 115, San Bruno, CA, 94066
Tax ID # 27-4162514
OP Code # 29214

We design & deliver high-quality STEM programs & learning experiences, and we train educators to deliver our unique programs to marginalized girls across the US.

114 Linden Street, Oakland, CA, 94607
Tax ID # 62-1587327
OP Code # 17903

The nation’s largest natural habitat refuge for endangered elephants retired from circuses and zoos. Improving elephant lives through sanctuary, education, research and overseas assistance.

PO Box 393, Hohenwald, TN, 38462
Tax ID # 53-0225390
OP Code # 452

Confronting suffering for ALL animals in puppy mills, factory farms, animal testing and other cruel industries. Help us end all animal cruelty.

1255 23rd Street, NW, Ste 450, Washington, DC, 20037
Tax ID # 90-0355853
OP Code # 2501617

We help foster kids thrive by rapidly providing new clothing, shoes, school essentials, holiday gifts and access to extracurriculars helping build self-worth and reduce stress.

1400 Rocky Ridge Drive Ste 280, Roseville, CA, 95661
Tax ID # 45-4998901
OP Code # 29117

7,000 captive-bred tigers in America. We rescue abused and abandoned tigers and transport them to sanctuaries that provide lifetime food, safety and medical care.

250 West 12th Street, New York, NY, 10014
Tax ID # 94-3156937
OP Code # 10033

To end the unnecessary euthanasia of homeless animals by providing socialization, foster homes, medical care and an opportunity for a second chance.

4595 Gleason Drive, Dublin, CA, 94568
Tax ID # 91-1818080
OP Code # 29147

We fight for a blue-green planet! We protect sea turtles – tiny hatchlings to gentle ocean giants – and other endangered marine animals. We stop poaching & other threats on beaches, wasteful fishing, illegal trade, pollution, habitat loss.

9255 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Olema, CA, 94950
Tax ID # 68-0124097
OP Code # 1824

Animal victims of cruelty, severe neglect and devastating disasters need our help. Together, we can give animals the lifesaving emergency care they deserve.

PO Box 188890, Sacramento, CA, 95818
Tax ID # 95-3872771
OP Code # 12847

Disabled children and adults receive specialized one-on-one instruction and adaptive equipment in outdoor recreation therapy activities to improve physical, emotional, and social health and functioning.

43101 Goldmine Drive, Big Bear Lake, CA, 92315-2897
Tax ID # 94-3181306
OP Code # 15617

A national organization dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and funds to combat this pandemic.

560 Mountain Home Road, Redwood City, CA, 94062
Tax ID # 86-0736818
OP Code # 11895

Saving farmed animals from a lifetime of misery by persuading students to go veg on hundreds of college campuses every year.

PO Box 1916, Davis, CA, 95617
Tax ID # 45-2981579
OP Code # 26872

Enlists Warriors in treatment for combat-related stress in a therapeutic mission of learning to train service dogs for their fellow Veterans.

23222 Georgia Avenue, Brookeville, MD, 20833
Tax ID # 68-0481714
OP Code # 3020484

We provide student assemblies. We bring live outreach ambassador wildcats and explain what is happening to the 40 species.

4595 Joy Road, Occidental, CA, 95465
Tax ID # 20-3644441
OP Code # 25050

Endangered animals needlessly killed for ivory, horns, fins and skins. Help protect elephants, rhinos, sharks and tigers: When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too.

333 Pine St, Ste 300 Ste 300, San Francisco, CA, 94104
Tax ID # 51-0172331
OP Code # 1827

Wild animal urgent care for as many as 4,000 ill, injured and orphaned patients each year, wildlife rehabilitation hospital, hotline, education and humane exclusion.

76 Albert Park Lane, San Rafael, CA, 94901
Tax ID # 13-4073912
OP Code # 988058

Wolves are among the rarest mammals in North America and are facing extinction. We are committed to teaching people about wolves, their environment and our role in protecting them.

PO Box 421, South Salem, NY, 10590
Tax ID # 95-2058587
OP Code # 12071

Woods rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes thousands of animals each year in SLO and Atascadero. Other programs include affordable spay/neuter, humane education, and dog behavior training.

875 Oklahoma Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93405
Tax ID # 68-0363824
OP Code # 12043

KYCC is dedicated to meeting spiritual and emotional needs through both Inspiration and Christian Music and Programming.

9019 West Lane, Stockton, CA, 95210