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"I Promised" 1"I Promised" 2"I Promised"  poppies"I Promised" poppies in a circleI Support: COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT. Photo of plant growing.I Support: THE ENVIRONMENT. icon globe.I Support: ANIMALS. cartoony cat and dog.I Support: ARTS & CULTURE. icons: masks, painter's pallette, violinI Support: CIVIL RIGHTS & ADVOCACY. Scales with an icon of a hand pointing up.I Support: EDUCATION. icon of a stack of books with an apple on top.I Support: HEALTH.  Icon: test tubes, heart with lifeline and medical cross.I Support: HUMAN SERVICES. Two hands intersecting with heart.I Support: OLDER ADULTS. Icon of 2 older adults with eyeglasses.I Support: YOUTH. Icon: 5 hands in a star formation with fingers in the center.