Virtual Celebration for the 2020 Campaign
The Our Promise Campaign Raised Over $5 Million

Virtual Celebration for the 2020 Campaign

For the first time in Our Promise history, we collaboratively developed an online platform to reach a wider audience of state employees. As such, we used an online venue to commemorate the 2020 campaign and express our gratitude for all of the state employees who contributed to Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work.

“It’s been inspiring to see state workers step up in a big way during an incredibly challenging time,” said 2020 Our Promise Chair Josh Fryday, California’s Chief Service Officer. “Nonprofits stepped up to meet unprecedented needs due to the pandemic and state workers were able to rise to the occasion.”

Thanks to the innovation, hard work and generosity of our state workers, the 2020 campaign raised $5.3 million from more than 23,000 state employees. 

The formal campaign is over, but it’s never too late to give! The Our Promise CA Online Portal is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day — click here to get connected!

Highlighting Our Promise Award Honorees

Several volunteers from various agencies and departments received awards for their dedication and innovative work on the Our Promise 2020 campaign.

Click photos below to watch acceptance videos:

The Leaders United Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding 2020 Leaders United Executive nominated by their peers. This year’s award went to Tom Hunt of the California Public Employment Retirement System.

The Health and Human Services Agency​ was awarded the Outstanding Improvement Award, for the small department category. Their team increased participation by 20% and increased dollars raised by 17%. 

RJ Donovan Correctional Facility was awarded the Outstanding Improvement Award, for the large department category. In 2020 they raised nearly $5,000 with 35 donors. This was a 2% increase in participation and a 19,850% increase in dollars raised!

For the second year in a row, the Social Media Influencer Award went to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for their outstanding engagement online.

The Our Promise CA Online Portal would not have been created without the participation and contributions of the California Department of General Services, the California Department of Technology and the State Controller’s Office.

Celebrating Our Promise Leadership

The following individuals were instrumental in helping state workers stay connected to the campaign, by innovating outreach approaches:  

  • Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency – Chair Melita Deci
  • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation – Chair Sonia Mercado and Vice Chair Kristina Khokhobashvili
  • California Gambling Control Commission Chair - Niecesha Williams
  • California Workforce Development Board – Chair Joe Flores
  • Labor & Workforce Development Agency – Chair Jeff Jacobstein
  • California Lottery – Chair Vanessa Ringold
  • California Volunteers – Chair Dina Bourdaniotis
  • Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training – Chair Linda Thach
  • Delta Stewardship Council – Chair Christie Tomason
  • Department of Education – Chair Sarah Jenkins and Vice-Chair Lori Michener
  • Department of Finance – Chair Philip Cordero
  • Department of Food and Agriculture – Co-Chairs Nicole Newkirk and Jane Montes
  • Department of Insurance – Chair Carolyn Foote, Vice Chair Jessica Junizar and Support Kristina Creel
  • Department of Justice – Chair Trini Hurtado and Vice-Chair Lety Perez
  • Department of Veterans Affairs – Co-Chairs Danielle Davis & Jose Ayon
  • Environmental Protection Agency – Co-Chairs Michelle Hutzel & Leticia Syslo,
  • Fair Political Practices Commission – Chair Jue Wang,
  • Government Operations Agency Chair – Dyshon Jones
  • Governor’s Office – Chair Stacy Hawk
  • Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development – Chair Amarpal George
  • Governor’s Office of Emergency Services - Chair Joanna Sledge
  •  Governor’s Office of Planning and Research – Co-Chairs Tracy Stocks & Rachel Sierer Wooden
  • Health and Human Services Agency - Co-Chairs Eva Xiong & Evan Gerber
  • Military Department – Co-Chairs Demitri Whaley & Lana Hill
  • Natural Resources Agency – Chair Jessica Haynes,
  • Office of Tax Appeals – Chair Teresa Atkinson
  • Office of the Inspector General Chair – Linda Whitney
  • Office of the State Public Defender – Chair Twanna Moore
  • Secretary of State’s Office – Chair Ted Muhlhauser
  • State Controller’s Office – Chair Sergio L. Martinez and Vice-Chair Lucas Rasmussen
  • State Transportation Agency – Chair Antoinette Eribez and Vice-Chair Shelby Boudreaux
  • State Treasurer’s Office – Chair Kim Stevens
  • Student Aid Commission – Chair Manvir Kaur, Co-Chairs Santiago Morales and Michael (Billy) Wagner
  • Public Utilities Commission - Co-Chairs Kimberly Gossen & Monica Torres

If you’re inspired to take a more active role in participating in the 2021 campaign, click here for more information.