September Live Sessions with Our Promise
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Collage of photos: girls of color, on wearing a hijab, at a computer smiling, white men and women appearing in festive clothing in formation dancing with parasols, young Latino boy holding a broccoli, macaw. Text: Our Promise LIVE Tuesdays at 12 p.m. via Facebook. Nonprofit meet and greets hosted by Patrick Harbison. Our Promise logo. video camera icon. Photo of a white man wearing a blazer smiling in a circle.

After a lively Kick-Off and Nonprofit Showcase on Sept. 1, we’re keeping the energy going every Tuesday with live sessions via Facebook.

Learn about observances in September and California nonprofit organizations that support causes related to them. State workers have an opportunity to celebrate and support causes by making a monthly payroll donation through Our Promise. 

Please remember that Our Promise donors are able to make a donation to ANY nonprofit with a 501(c)(3) status. To learn how to create your Our Promise account, please contact

Sept. 7 - Live Tutorial: How to Set Up Your e-Pledge 

woman of color at computer Join us for a virtual tutorial to learn how to get your Our Promise account started and how to make changes. Learn more: Live Tutorial: How to Set Up Your e-Pledge

Nonprofit Meet & Greets

Sept. 14 – Techbridge Girls

girls of color, on wearing a hijab, at a computer smiling Headquartered in Oakland, Techbridge Girls is on a mission to design & deliver high-quality STEM programs & learning experiences, and we train educators to deliver our unique programs to marginalized girls across the US.

Learn more: Techbridge Girls

Sept. 21 – Strauss Festival of Elk Grove

Man in tuxedo dancing with woman in white dress We will meet (and dance) with the coordinators of this free annual outdoor performing arts festival featuring lavishly costumed dance presentations set to classical music of the Johann Strauss family performed by a live orchestra.

Learn more: Strauss Festival of Elk Grove

Sept. 28 – Latino Leadership Council

Three Latinas - one child, two women In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we will learn about how Latino Leadership Council employs mobile promotores to increase access to services for hundreds of Latino families through home visits conducted during evenings and weekends, mitigating transportation and schedule barriers.

Learn more: Latino Leadership Council

    Find thousands of other nonprofit organizations certified through Our Promise. Find more here.