Philippine National Day Association – Lahi Arts – Virtual Nonprofit Fair
Celebrating Filipino American History Month through the arts

Philippine National Day Association – Lahi Arts – Virtual Nonprofit Fair

October is Filipino American History Month. Did you know that Filipino Americans are the largest Asian American group in California and the third-largest ethnic group in California?

Philippine National Day Association (PNDA) builds an empowered Filipino American community by organizing its youth, developing leaders, and providing educational, cultural, artistic, and wellness programs that promote social and economic justice and equity.

As a presenting series, LahiARTS features theater, dance, music, literary works, stand-up, spoken word, film, fashion, digital and the visual arts that highlight the transnational Filipino-American community and its cultural and linguistic diversity. With its focus on diversity, trans-generational dialogue, access to the arts, new art experiences, support for highly-qualified artists, and partnering with arts and service organizations, the series creates and promotes a cultural organizing framework for the integration of contemporary artists and community.

This year, the cultural art exhibition is called ‘kapwa’ which is a word that means ’shared identity’.
Learn more about the Kapwa exhibition in partnership with PNDA LahiARTS here.

Kapwa - a woman's exhibition celebrating the Filipinx identity

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