Our Promise Helping My Daughter

Post E.J. Fogel, State Parks

E.J. Fogel is a State Park Heavy Equipment Operator. His daughter, Taryn Fogel, was born in December 2001 with a very rare disease which affects the mitochondria, the power source of her cells. She has mutations in both copies of her genes, a mix between Bjornstadt Syndrome and Gracile Syndrome, which causes nerve deafness, hearing and speech impairment, growth retardation, iron build-up in her liver and much more. 

“Although bound to a wheelchair, unable to speak or do much of anything, Taryn is quite a remarkable child who speaks with her eyes and joyful smile and spirit, ‘telling’ those who meet her, what is really important in life,” said E.J. Fogel.  

Taryn is one of three children in the world (that we know of so far) affected by these diseases. E.J. Fogel is dedicated to raising awareness and fundraising to find a cure for Mitochondrial Disease. Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work (formerly CSECC) allows state employees, like E.J. Fogel, to donate to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization such as the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.