Meet Rose Primacio
Our Promise Leaders United, Department of Transportation

Q & A: 

Name, state department or agency.  

Rosalinda (Rose) Primacio, Maintenance Resource Manager for the Department of Transportation in District 11 San Diego.

What do you enjoy most about working as part of the Leaders  United program on the OP campaign?  

I like that I have been able to give my perspective on the benefits of Our Promise. There are many employees who truly do not understand what Our Promise is all about.  After my presentation, I have been given comments that they wish they had heard a presentation before because it makes a difference on how Our Promise is viewed.

 How long have you been involved in or volunteered with the campaign?  

My special assignment began on February 23rd with training with the United Way San Diego chapter.

What inspires you to give through the campaign?  

The idea that I am contributing monthly to the non-profits that I am passionate about and know that I will not miss a donation.  There are too many times that I say I want to donate, yet forget to send the check.  Now I don’t have to worry about and know that monthly, I am making a difference.

What nonprofits do you donate time or funds to, and why?  

Dogs on Deployment. My daughter is in the Navy and I have a French bulldog.  I can combine my love for dogs and assist those in the military with their love of their animals while deployed.