Meet Amanda Delfin
Our Promise Loaned Executive, Department of Transportation

Q & A: 

Name, state department or agency.

Amanda Delfin, Department of Transportation – Caltrans

What do you enjoy most about working as a Loaned Executive on the OP campaign? 

I have learned about having meaningful connection with people and why it matters. I want to feel I’m not powerless in the face of need and can help, especially during the current disasters. I feel valued and have gained leadership skills in a very supportive environment. Each of my teammates encouraged, championed and supported me.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” And I found this to be true working as the Loaned Executive!

How long have you been involved in or volunteered with the campaign?

A total of eight years.

What inspires you to give through the campaign?

To see the difference we can make with a $5.00 contribution and to see how it changes and or saves lives inspires me. 

What nonprofits do you donate time or funds to, and why?

Capital Public Radio because I enjoy their coverage of local and world events. They have great news stories that are relevant, compelling and excellent journalistic integrity.   I also donate to Mothers against Drunk Drivers. My best friend was killed at the age of 17 and my grandmother was killed at the age of 83 by drunk drivers. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is about educating the public about the perils of driving intoxicated and the importance of getting a designated driver.

Any other comments you’d like to add?

Working as a Loaned Executive has been the highlight of my career. I work with a group of people whose only motive is to give back to those who are in need.  It brings out the best in everyone.  My take away from this experience is made me a better person. I never understood what true Altruism was until I saw it in action through the Our Promise Campaign. Peoples selfless giving to change or save a lives because they could. The power of kindness and has become enlivening and I am forever changed because of it.