How Our Promise Happens

How Our Promise Happens

How does a staff of 3 support the nearly 290,000 California state employees in the largest statewide employee giving campaign? Spoiler alert– we don’t do it alone. 

For 65 years, the Our Promise campaign has partnered with the State of California to create a truly historic program – the largest fundraising effort among state employees to give back to nonprofits throughout the state. 

The Our Promise team has made contribution even easier through online giving. In collaboration with Cal Connect, donors can streamline their contributions by using our virtual portal to select the nonprofit of their choice. This process ensures charitable organizations that need our help will receive this much-needed funding.  

“It’s truly a team effort, says Tabitha Angel, Senior Director of the Our Promise program. “Our Promise staff, along with philanthropic state workers, volunteers and you – our donors - make this vital fundraising effort possible.”