Handing Out Hope
Steve Abrams, Office of Legislative Counsel

Coach Abrams handing out baseball gear to youth in South America.

Growing up without many basic resources can be a burden to children who come from impoverished families. This struggle has always been close to my heart since I myself grew up in a single parent household where we struggled to get by on just the basic necessities. When I became an adult I realized that I had the power to do something good that could help make a child’s life a little easier. As an 18 year youth sports coach I realized that I had collected so much baseball gear, and I knew that I could put it to good use.

You see we have so many under-privileged children living in impoverished areas throughout the world, and within the Sacramento Community, are unable to participate in sports due to the lack of available equipment. We are so fortunate to live in a nation that promotes and provides healthy sport experiences.  Yet, sometimes we get caught up in the hype of uniforms and trophies that we forget why children are playing in the first place…for the love of the game. 

Since 2008, the Handing Out HOPE foundation, through generous donations from our community, and with help from national partnerships, with Pitch in for Baseball, Roberto’s Kids, and the Baseball Without Borders Foundation (BWB), has been able to help send over 6,300 pieces of baseball equipment to children throughout the world including children of the Philippines, Ukraine, Mexico, Romania, Nigeria and South America. 
Handing Out Hope has also sent baseball equipment to the following local Sacramento organizations: Koinonia Homes for Teens,  Sacramento Firefighters Burn Institute camp for kids, Elk Grove Police Athletic League, WIND Youth Services, Mustard Seed School, Mi Casa Transitional Services, Sacramento Children’s Home, East Palo Alto Little League, Aim Higher Inc., Elk Grove Food Bank, Elk Grove Teen Center.

It is so powerful and so inspiring to see the look on a child’s face when I give them their first baseball glove or first pair of cleats. The appreciation in their eyes is so overwhelming, and it comes with just a little effort on my part. 

As founder of Handing Out HOPE I encourage all state employee to participate in the state payroll deduction program and to give to an organization that you care about. Every dollar you give helps to build a positive experience for someone in need. Be that person who makes a difference!