Celebrating 2019 at the Thank You Breakfast and Awards
The Our Promise Campaign Raised $5.7 Million

Photo of 14 diverse adults in business attire standing - 8 women and 1 man in the back row, 5 men in the front row.

The Our Promise Thank You Breakfast celebrated the state employees who contributed to Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work. 

“The impact of this campaign is to build a richer, more vibrant, more inclusive and healthier California,” said 2019 Our Promise Chair Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, California Surgeon General. “You all work very hard as state employees. You go above and beyond to do more and to give more to help our most vulnerable is so heartening.”

Thanks to the hard work generosity of our state workers, the 2019 campaign raised $5.7 million from more than 28,000 state employees. To see all of the results from the campaign, click here.

Click here to see photos from the event. 

There’s still time to give! For more information, click here.

Highlighting Our Promise Award Honorees

Several volunteers and departments received awards for their dedication and work on the Our Promise 2019 campaign. 
The Leaders United Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding Leaders United Executive nominated by their peers. This year’s award went to Samuel Turner of the Department of Child Support Services for his insight, professionalism and character that were invaluable to the campaign’s success.
The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes an individual who went above and beyond to elevate the Our Promise campaign within the State of California. This year, Sabrina Watts-Jefferson from the Department of Transportation earned this award with her dedication and innovative ways to keep her department actively engaged. 
The Office of Administrative Law was awarded the Outstanding Improvement Award, for the small department category. Their hard work resulted in over 50% increase in donors, and a 60% increase in dollars raised.
The Office of Emergency Services was awarded the Outstanding Improvement Award, for the large department category. In 2019, they raised $37,163 with 164 donors– a $6000 increase from the previous year.
This year, our inaugural Social Media Influencer Award went to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for their outstanding engagement online.

Celebrating Our Promise Leadership

Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency - Chair Raynelle Paraoan and Vice Chair Patti Ochoa
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation – Chair Sonia Mercado and Vice Chair Tom Runge
California Lottery – Chair Vanessa Ringold and Co-Chair Tina Bliss    
California Volunteers – Chair Kaitlin Meyer 
Department of Education – Co-Chairs Gina O’Bryant and Lorie Adame
Department of Finance – Chair Marie Magdaleno
Department of Food and Agriculture – Co-Chairs Misty McDaniel and Suzanne Lashley
Department of Insurance – Chair Richard Hoffman and Vice Chair William Hovey
Department of Justice – Chair Trini Hurtado and Vice-Chair Lety Perez
Department of Veterans Affairs – Chair Kassandra Hodges and Co-Chair Kelcie McClain
Environmental Protection Agency – Chair Michelle Hutzel and Co-Chair Rebecca Favila
Government Operations Agency – Chair Mark Rodriguez
Governor’s Office of Emergency Services - Co-Chairs Rosemarie Silva and Corena Hernandez
Health and Human Services Agency - Co-Chairs Jamie Carino and Evan Gerber
Labor, Workforce & Development Agency - Co-Chairs Felicia Molle’ and Colton Stadtmiller
Military Department – Co-Chair Kimberly Deane and Temp Toi Heim
Natural Resources Agency – Co-Chairs Deanna Ou and Kassi Shepard
Office of Governor Gavin Newsom – Chair Kathleen Kelly Janus 
Office of the State Public Defender – Chair Twanna Moore
Secretary of State’s Office – Chair Ted Muhlhauser
State Controller’s Office – Chair Renee Davenport and Vice Chair Sergio L. Martinez
State Transportation Agency - Chair Sabrina D. Watts-Jefferson
State Treasurer’s Office – Co-Chairs Sarah Lester and Shelby Boudreaux