Brightening the day one petal at a time
The Petal Connection

The Petal Connection is an amazing nonprofit in the Sacramento region that connects beautiful floral bouquets to local hospice patients and seniors in need of a little joy.

Our Promise Loaned Executive and long time supporter of the campaign, Danielle Gist, was recently reminded of the good in our community.

As she was visiting her mother-in-law at her care home, she found a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on her nightstand hoping her daughter had sent them. However, Danielle quickly realized that the reality was far better than her assumption -this brightening floral arrangement was sent by The Petal Connection – a certified nonprofit through Our Promise. 

As tears welled in her eyes, Danielle was so grateful of this kind gesture left by The Petal Connection. Even her husband was very impressed and thankful.

Danielle was there for a hospice nurse visit and medicine increase, and although she normally tries to keep her mood happy and upbeat during her visits, it somehow seemed much more sunny than normal in the room that day. The nurse even gave her positive review of this fabulous organization.