2020 Nonprofit Certification Application
for PCFD's Only



2020 Nonprofit Certification Application: PCFD's only
Conditions for Approval
By signing this application, the PCFD agrees to the following conditions:

1) This application and all necessary information for member organizations must be submitted no later than the February 28, 2020 filing date. A timely submission is necessary to ensure that the organization will, if approved by the Department of General Services (DGS), be included by name in the 2020 Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at Work Initiative (2019 OP Campaign) literature distributed to State officers and employees.

2) If DGS or its designee requests information supporting a certification of eligibility, the information must be furnished within two business days. The burden of demonstrating eligibility shall rest with the applicant.

3) The administrative fee for the 2020 OP Campaign is as follows:

a) $.35 cent per transaction fee as set by the State Controller’s Office (SCO). This fee is subject to change.

b) 14% administrative  set rate:

  • 8% allocated to United Way California Capital Region (UWCCR) to manage and process the campaign year round
  • 5.5% for reimbursement to the local Principal Combined Fund Drive (PCFD) for fundraising expenses
  • .5% to DGS for related campaign activity reimbursement

c) The overall DGS approved percentage rate and SCO per transaction fee will be published in the 2020 OP Campaign literature distributed and on the website.

4) To hold harmless the State of California, including but not limited to its officers and employees, from any liability that may result from requesting, canceling or changing any payroll deduction, in consideration for and as a condition of the SCO withholding and transmitting payroll deductions, as authorized by California Government Code section 1151(f).

5) To immediately send notification by email to opcertification@uwccr.org of any changes to the information provided in or in connection with this application. Any changes to our application will be reviewed by the DGS’s designee to determine if it still complies with all applicable requirements.

6) DGS may elect to disqualify or remove an organization that makes a false certification and/or engages in illegal activity.

7) All applicants must be a 501(c)(3) organization and in good standing with the IRS and FTB. Additionally, a status of Current or Exempt-Active with the California Department of Justice is required for any organization who is seeking donations within the State of California. 

8) To retain a copy of this digitally signed application and produce it to DGS or its designee within two business days of request for the original application.

Submit your OP member organization listing that has all necessary information filled in for your member organizations.

I am the duly appointed representative for my organization, authorized to certify and affirm all statements enclosed in this application. I certify that I have read all the certifications set forth in this document and affirm their accuracy. In addition, by checking the box next to the certification, the PCFD named in this application acknowledges and agrees to comply with that certification.

By typing your name in the box above, you are providing a digital signature that affirms the accuracy of the information provided within this application.