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For Donors

All the information you need about donating, volunteering, managing an existing donation, finding a charity to support and other programs that Our Promise offers like leadership and retiree giving.


Is your favorite nonprofit not listed on the website?

Have you searched through the Our Promise website with no luck in finding your favorite nonprofit? Have you wondered how to help your favorite nonprofit get into the campaign? The application process for the Fall 2020 campaign will open in January 2020.


Find your local United Way
also known as your PCFD

The Department of General Services (DGS) selects an organization that is responsible for managing the Our Promise initiative for a specific region in California. This is referred to as Principal Combined Fund Drive (PCFD). For the past 60 years, United Ways have served as the PCFD. Your local PCFD coordinates the annual workplace giving campaign for your region.


Benjamin Acedo
Manager, Our Promise Campaign

(916) 368-3015

About Benjamin:

I am very excited to be a part of the Our Promise campaign team! Before my work in the nonprofit sector, I had a career in Hospitality and Sales. While I did enjoy what I was doing more or less, I didn’t feel like my work was fulfilling; I didn’t have as much of a sense of purpose as I was looking for.


Manage Donation

Do you give through the Our Promise campaign and want to track your donation to your designated nonprofit(s)? Visit our Donor Portal. We’ve made it easy for you to login in to our donor tracker to access information about your current designations. 


Meet the 2019 Our Promise Leaders United Program Participants

This year, we are so excited to have eight loaned state employes join the Our Promise team.

  • Dawn Clark-Lamb, Department of Transportation
  • Deborah Denham, California Correctional Health Care Services
  • Esther Vicente
  • Kathy Darling, Department of State Hospitals
  • Sunshine Garside, California Highway Patrol
  • Michael Thomas
  • Salome Wameya 
  • Samuel Turner

Learn more about their involvement in the campaign!


Building a Brighter Future.
Starting Today.

2019 Our Promise Campaign timeline

With 30,000 current donors and more than 290,000 employees, the State of California can make a major impact on local communities with a gift through Our Promise workplace giving campaign.

Established in 1957, Our Promise gives state employees the ability to give back through the ease of payroll deduction. While new donations can be started anytime in the year, our annual fall campaign is an opportunity to connect with thousands of certified nonprofits and learn how they are impacting communities across California.