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Have you received a check from the Our Promise campaign or United Way and want to look up the donor details? Go here to access our nonprofit portal. 

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Post June 1, 2017

Help welcome our 2017 Leadership Team

Some of our 2017 Leadership Team getting ready to kick off the campaign

This year, we have 40 leadership team members, and counting, joining the Our Promise campaign, some veterans and some new! We are excited to get started on the upcoming campaign.


Our Promise Leadership Team

The Statewide Leadership Team is appointed by the Secretary, agency-level leaders whom are responsible for top-level leadership and inspiration in the implementation and execution of the Our Promise campaign.

From recruiting Department Chairs to mentoring fellow California state employees, these champions play a critical role in this initiative.

For 2017, the Our Promise Leadership Team has 40 individual representing over 22 agencies and departments throughout the state.

Post March 7, 2017

2017 Our Promise Loaned Executives Needed

Are you passionate about giving back to your community and raising funds for the many nonprofits in need? If so, we need you!

Our Promise Loaned Executives act as full-time account managers during this state-mandated charitable drive. There are many benefits to your department/division for loaning an executive including strengthening external relations with other state departments/divisions and increasing leadership skills. Not to mention all the benefits to you the employee who is able to create networking opportunities, increase leadership ability, and have a deeper insight into the community’s needs. 


2016 Exceptional Leadership Achievement Award
Department of Transportation

The Exceptional Leadership Achievement Award, is given each year to the department with the most leadership level donors (giving $1,000 or more), and was awarded to the Department of Transportation for their efforts in 2016.

Leadership Donors really take “a little goes a long way” to another level. We thank all of you leadership donors for your generous contributions throughout the year. Thank you for Caring for California – Every Day. All Year.