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Handing Out Hope
Steve Abrams, Office of Legislative Counsel

Coach Abrams handing out baseball gear to youth in South America.

Growing up without many basic resources can be a burden to children who come from impoverished families. This struggle has always been close to my heart since I myself grew up in a single parent household where we struggled to get by on just the basic necessities. When I became an adult I realized that I had the power to do something good that could help make a child’s life a little easier. As an 18 year youth sports coach I realized that I had collected so much baseball gear, and I knew that I could put it to good use.


Making Strides and Warming Lives
Bari and Service Dog Axel III

Bari Schlesinger was once unable to pick up items that she dropped on the floor. She once relied on others to open doors. She once feared going places alone. 

Thanks to the help of Canine Companions for Independence, Bari no longer strains herself to retrieve dropped items, she doesn’t need to wait for strangers to come along and open doors, and gone are the days of anxiety and doubt. Bari is now a self-assured and independent individual with her wonderful Canine Companions assistance dog, Axel III, provided to her free of charge.


Our Promise Kick-Off Feedback
Participating Agencies

Thank you for participating in the Our Promise Kick-Off event on August 27.

We value your support and your feedback. We’ve put together a short survey to help improve our events and customer service. Please take a few minutes to answer seven short questions about your experience at the Our Pormise Kick-Off event.


Thank you in advance for your time.