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Tax ID # 68-0085639
OP Code # 24195

Provides services to people with disabilities: personal assistance and housing referral, peer support, advocacy, minor home repair and modification, and independent living skills.

435 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, CA, 95945
Tax ID # 95-3255012
OP Code # 14410

Assists persons with disabilities through a comprehensive program of peer support, training, advocacy, information and referral services while reducing barriers to access in the community

423 W Victoria St, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101
Tax ID # 94-2605669
OP Code # 15161

Serving people in Marin County with all types of disabilities to achieve their maximum level of sustainable independence as contributing, responsible and equal participants.

710 Fourth St, San Rafael, CA, 94901
Tax ID # 94-3209861
OP Code # 5751

Serving people with disabilities: independent living skills; peer support; personal assistants registry; information & referral; assistive technology; minor home modifications; technical assistance on disability issues.

11768 Atwood Rd, Ste 129, Auburn , CA, 95603
Tax ID # 94-1415287
OP Code # 14268

Provides services for adults with developmental disabilities: paid work, job placement, training and follow-up, independent living skills training, housing advocacy and senior services.

1500 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103