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Tax ID # 95-6097023
OP Code # 13445

Our mission is to prepare children with visual impairments for a life of independence through early intervention, education, and family support.

18542-B Vanderlip Avenue, Santa Ana, CA, 92705
Tax ID # 91-2055728
OP Code # 16604

For over fifteen years, we have pioneered support for homes providing healthcare, education, and career development to once-neglected visually-impaired children in Vietnam.

PO Box 27036, San Francisco, CA, 94127-0036
Tax ID # 58-0914436
OP Code # 16563

We help create policies, shape opportunities and collaborate with organizations to assure information is provided in an accessible format for people who are blind.

1703 N Beauregard St Ste 420, Alexandria, VA, 22311
Tax ID # 95-1656369
OP Code # 737

Your gift provides early intervention, training and education for children from birth through second grade who are blind, building the foundation for their future education.

4120 Marathon Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90029
Tax ID # 94-1196195
OP Code # 9306

Providing safety, independence and companionship to the blind and visually impaired by partnering them with exceptional guide dogs throughout their lifetime.

PO Box 151200, San Rafael, CA, 94915-1200
Tax ID # 23-2519029
OP Code # 25649

Faithful assistance guide dogs are raised and trained to provide blind Israelis with independence, safe mobility and self-confidence. Clients receive the dogs for Free.

968 Easton Rd Ste H, Warrington, PA, 18976-1875
Tax ID # 94-1415317
OP Code # 732

Promotes the independence, equality and self-reliance of people who are blind or visually impaired through rehabilitation training, employment programs, advocacy and an array of services.

214 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94102
Tax ID # 95-1977659
OP Code # 16399

Empowers blind, visually impaired and multi-disabled children with the skills and courage to succeed in a sighted world, at school and throughout life.

5300 Angeles Vista Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90043
Tax ID # 94-1337611
OP Code # 17535

Provides adults with vision loss the skills necessary to cope with vision loss and maintain independence. They also learn non-visual methods to care for themselves.

2453 Grand Canal Blvd #5 , Stockton, CA, 95207
Tax ID # 11-1687477
OP Code # 456

Using innovative training methods, trains guide and service dogs to restore independence and mobility, empowering people with disabilities to live without boundaries.

371 East Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown, NY, 11787
Tax ID # 94-1384666
OP Code # 3233

Rehabilitative services for visually impaired individuals; low vision optometry, Braille, white cane travel, adaptive technology, independent living skills. Programs for youth, seniors and career-seekers.

1238 S Street, Sacramento, CA, 95811
Tax ID # 94-2255626
OP Code # 17512

Serving individuals experiencing obstacles to success as a result of vision loss who want to improve their lives in California’s Central Valley.

1707 Eye Street, Bakersfield, CA, 93301
Tax ID # 20-3568702
OP Code # 108

Blind children see again. Tiny babies tragically blinded by congenital cataracts have sight restored. Give a child a change for life with Sight!

4135 Via Andorra Ste B, Santa Barbara, CA, 93110
Tax ID # 22-1539721
OP Code # 5230

Enhancing lives by bringing independence, dignity and self-confidence to blind people through our Seeing Eye® dogs. These dogs bring mobility, safety and self-sufficiency to thousands.

P O Box 375, Morristown, NJ, 07963-0375
Tax ID # 38-2231279
OP Code # 1449

Imagine being blind one day and seeing the next. Sustainable programs prevent blindness/restore sight in underserved and impoverished populations, helping 4 million people see.

1786 Fifth Street, Berkeley, CA, 94710
Tax ID # 31-1682275
OP Code # 2536

‚ÄãCommitted to restoring sight and transforming lives of blind people in developing countries. Since 1974, nearly half a million people have received free eye surgery.

175 Cremona Drive, Ste 100, Goleta, CA, 93117