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Tax ID # 53-0196605
OP Code # 3064

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

1565 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA, 95815
Tax ID # 46-4990045
OP Code # 988080

We are Veterans helping Veterans overcome the challenges associated with the transition to Civilian life. We provide affordable housing and referrals to help support and meet the individual needs of our heroes.

541 Santa Ynez, Sacramento, CA, 95816
Tax ID # 68-0124097
OP Code # 1824

Animal victims of cruelty, severe neglect and devastating disasters need our help. Together, we can give animals the lifesaving emergency care they deserve.

PO Box 188890, Sacramento, CA, 95818
Tax ID # 68-0325762
OP Code # 13138

Our purpose is to promote the civic understanding of atheists in our community and extend secular perspectives, including the separation of religion and government.

1136 Santa Barbara Court, Sacramento, CA, 95816
Tax ID # 81-2513466
OP Code # 700000

Battlefields to Ballfields provides veterans an opportunity to integrate back into their communities through officiating and scholarships.

304 Wyndgate Rd, Sacramento, CA, 95864
Tax ID # 94-2399708
OP Code # 3028

The agency was originally founded in 1973 as a private non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation. We provide high quality child care and development, Preschool, and nutrition programs in centers and family child care homes for the low income families.

1771 Tribute Road, Suite A, Sacramento, CA, 95815
Tax ID # 94-6187633
OP Code # 5211

Works to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife, including endangered species, and encourage compassionate conservation globally.

1122 S Street, Sacramento, CA, 95811
Tax ID # 27-3465329
OP Code # 1836360

We are a nonprofit whose mission is to enhance the educational experience, and the physical, social and emotional development of BWI students. Our primary purpose is to raise funds for educational materials, equipment, and field trips. It is our belief that through the collaboration of parents, teachers, and the community we can achieve the best possible learning environment for our students.

3255 Half Moon Bay Circle, West Sacramento, CA, 95691
Tax ID # 94-6116403
OP Code # 21011

The mission of CNPS is to conserve CA native plants and their natural habitats, and increase understanding, appreciation, and horticultural use of native plants.

2707 K St, Suite 1, Sacramento, CA, 95816
Tax ID # 84-3644014
OP Code # 3080009

Dedicated to supporting the CA State Guard a volunteer response force protecting CA from natural and man-made disasters, including wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and pandemics.

17404 Ventura Blvd, 2nd Floor, Encino, CA, 91316
Tax ID # 68-0271696
OP Code # 3020294

CWA nourishes, educates, supports, and empowers families in building healthy futures by advocating for breastfeeding, nutrition education, healthcare, family/employee wellness, and public health workforce development.

3960 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, SUITE 500 , West Sacramento , CA, 95691
Tax ID # 95-3794688
OP Code # 4537

To ensure that all Black Californians, have access to high quality and equitable primary and behavioral healthcare, and avoid unnecessarily succumbing to disease.

520 9th Street Suite 100, Sacramento, CA, 95814
Tax ID # 68-0032326
OP Code # 21010

Working for a sustainable economy that thrives through greater use of recycled materials and less reliance on our invaluable and irreplaceable virgin resources.

921 11th St, Suite 420, Sacramento, CA, 95814
Tax ID # 68-0310997
OP Code # 5773

CFF responds to the needs of fathers, youth, and fatherless families by offering programs and services that lead to family growth, enrichment, and empowerment.

920 Del Paso Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, 95815
Tax ID # 94-2364946
OP Code # 3019

Child care information and referrals, child care subsidies for low income families, quality assessment, technical assistance, training and consultation for child care providers.

9800 Old Winery Place, Sacramento, CA, 95827
Tax ID # 46-1498182
OP Code # 30

We assist women who have been commercially sexually exploited through survivor-led peer support and harm reduction services and provide education to the community.

3101 1st Ave., Sacramento, CA, 95817
Tax ID # 68-0023302
OP Code # 13029

Non-profit charity for Correctional Staff and their families by providing line-of-duty death benefit and catastrophic assistance in cases of accident or illness.

1346 N Market Blvd , Sacramento, CA, 95834
Tax ID # 27-0851766
OP Code # 29212

Provides support groups & other services, Career Development & Economic Empowerment, transitional housing, economic resources, free life necessities, volunteer opportunities, and empowerment.

1714 Franklin Street, #100-276, Oakland, CA, 94612
Tax ID # 68-0350825
OP Code # 24506

Provides comprehensive services including counseling, therapy, information and referrals, assistance attending parole hearings, advocacy and education, free of charge to victims of violent crime.

2415 L Street , Sacramento, CA, 95816
Tax ID # 53-0183181
OP Code # 21022

Working to save America’s endangered and imperiled animals and their threatened habitats for future generations through public education, citizen advocacy, legal action and scientific research.

980 9th Street, Suite 1730, Sacramento, CA, 95814
Tax ID # 94-1279800
OP Code # 3100

Easter Seals Superior is committed to helping people with disabilities will have equal opportunity to live, learn, work and play in their community.

3205 Hurley Way, Sacramento, CA, 95864
Tax ID # 94-1669088
OP Code # 16206

For 60 years, we have offered families a safe place to imagine, play, and learn. With playsets, animals, stages, and gardens, learning is always fun!

3901 Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA, 95822
Tax ID # 94-3265100
OP Code # 13606

Provide programs, services and opportunities to Indigenous People, Farmers and Fishermen. Plant more trees. Develop communities. Educate public to conserve natural resources through environmental stewardship.

8109 Arroyo Vista Dr, Sacramento, CA, 95823
Tax ID # 45-3973268
OP Code # 29533

Our mission is to inspire kids to eat their vegetables. We teach elementary children in low-income schools cooking, nutrition, gardening & active play.

2973 Third Avenue, Sacramento, CA, 95817
Tax ID # 68-0198413
OP Code # 11072

advocacy for the prevention of elder abuse especially in long-term care facilities; referral services; information on consumer rights; filing complaints with state regulators when long-term care, hospitals, etc. violate and abuse patients.

3430 American River Drive, Suite 105, Sacramento, CA, 95864
Tax ID # 33-0460177
OP Code # 17645

Providing disadvantaged children suffering from deformities caused by birth defects, abuse or accidents with fully covered reconstructive surgery and related healthcare services.

2011 Palomar Airport Rd. Suite 206, Carlsbad, CA, 92011
Tax ID # 31-1640393
OP Code # 3043

A bereavement program for people after they have experienced a loss from a suicide death. We offer peer support meetings, newsletters, literature, and books all at no cost to the public.

2628 El Camino Avenue, Suite D-1, Sacramento, CA, 95821
Tax ID # 94-2400210
OP Code # 21029

CA’s statewide river conservation group has established a strong record of winning lasting victories to preserve, restore, and sustain our rivers

1418 20th St, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA, 95811
Tax ID # 23-7217955
OP Code # 24254

Supporting Roseville Libraries by raising funds through used book sales and in-library bookstores, promoting awareness of their importance. All volunteer, no paid staff.

225 Taylor St., Roseville, CA, 95678
Tax ID # 94-1582429
OP Code # 3120

Girl Scouts is the premier leadership development organization for young women building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.

6601 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, CA, 95819
Tax ID # 23-7627152
OP Code # 13

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law.

251 Commerce Circle, Sacramento, CA, 95853
Tax ID # 27-0595012
OP Code # 29534

Our mission is to develop sustainable communities through job creation, training and entrepreneurial opportunities in the green economic sector for disadvantaged youth.

1026 Florin Road #152 , Sacramento, CA, 95831
Tax ID # 09-4168613
OP Code # 3145

GSUL provides youth and adults with employment recovery training and education programs, job placement, supportive services, community and civil rights advocacy.

3725 Marysville Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, 95838
Tax ID # 71-1013691
OP Code # 3080140

GITC supports highly-engaged student learning in public schools by training and equipping teachers and school staff to integrate music with academic instruction and SEL.

1761 Hotel Circle South, Suite 210, San Diego, CA, 92108
Tax ID # 68-0249296
OP Code # 3049

Cultivating health and well-being in under-served communities by leveraging the power of collaboration. With your help, we can make a difference.

3950 Industrial Boulevard, Suite 600, West Sacramento, CA, 95691
Tax ID # 68-0182998
OP Code # 20014

HCC promotes access to care and the advancement of quality of life for people with bleeding disorders through advocacy, education, and outreach.

717 K Street, Suite 501, Sacramento, CA, 95814
Tax ID # 94-2777955
OP Code # 3116

Helping those living with behavioral health challenges, substance use disorders, and homelessness by supporting their independence, promoting their housing stability, and empowering positive life changes.

650 Howe Avenue, 400-A, Sacramento, CA, 95825
Tax ID # 68-0195121
OP Code # 7371

To better understand the healthcare needs of the homeless population and creating Joshua s House, a hospice house for the terminally ill homeless.

5025 J Street, Suite 311, Sacramento, CA, 95819
Tax ID # 94-3203203
OP Code # 14320

Strives to break the cycle of poverty by paving the way to work, education, and financial capability for youth through direct employment.

815 S Street, Sacramento, CA, 95811
Tax ID # 68-0363824
OP Code # 12043

KYCC is dedicated to meeting spiritual and emotional needs through both inspiration and Christian Music and Programming.

9019 West Lane, Stockton, CA, 95210
Tax ID # 94-3115164
OP Code # 26138

LFCD is a trusted partner who advance the wellbeing of diverse communities through culturally informed employment, housing, and education services. Provide five core strategic services areas: 1. Career and Jobs, 2. Financial Education, 3. Youth Employment and Leadership Development, 4. Family Support and Senior Services, 5. Housing Support

7171 Bowling Drive, Suite 1120, Sacramento, CA, 95823
Tax ID # 94-1384659
OP Code # 3147

Provides quality legal services that empower the poor to identify and defeat the causes and effects of poverty within our community, using all available resources.

517 12th Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814
Tax ID # 37-1575618
OP Code # 25700

Protect and nurture underprivileged seniors! We provide food, spiritual support, social interaction to dependent and lonely elderly, respecting the dignity and worth of each individual.

8109 Arroyo Vista Dr, Sacramento, CA, 95823
Tax ID # 33-0720982
OP Code # 26139

To foster, sponsor and provide educational and social programs designed to strengthen families, with a focus on life skills training, education and supportive services for children, adults and seniors.

3247 Ramos Circle, Sacramento, CA, 95827
Tax ID # 94-1659687
OP Code # 3063

We guide 3,800 individuals (1,000 in Sacramento) in rebuilding their lives after experiencing homelessness by ensuring stable housing and a path to self-sufficiency.

1465 Civic Ct. Building D, Suite 810, Concord, CA, 94520
Tax ID # 94-3081666
OP Code # 128

Working to alleviate poverty and homelessness by developing and operating affordable housing with wraparound services for low-income families, seniors, veterans, and people with special needs.

1256 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94612
Tax ID # 84-1627277
OP Code # 3

The nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization dedicated to supporting our Armed Forces with Troop and K9 care packages to deployed service-members around the world.

3105 Fite Circle, Suite 108, Sacramento, CA, 95827
Tax ID # 36-4571903
OP Code # 25253

MAS-SSF is a non-profit that aims to aid families with their social services needs with a particular focus on mental health.

3820 Auburn Blvd., #83, Sacramento, CA, 95821
Tax ID # 68-0332694
OP Code # 3132

Mutual Assistance Network’s mission is to advance social and economic opportunities so families can thrive.

811 Grand Avenue, Suite A-3, Sacramento, CA, 95838
Tax ID # 94-3093354
OP Code # 12697

We provide safe and affordable homes for our region’s most vulnerable families and develop communities where residents are partners in advancing equitable communities.

3321 Power Inn Road, Suite 320, Sacramento, CA, 95826