Donor Resources



Volunteering is a great way to give back some of your time. We encourage people to volunteer with a local nonprofit that they feel passionately about. California Volunteers is a great way to get connected with volunteer opportunities in your local community.


Leadership Giving

An annual gift of $1,000 or more qualifies you to be a Leadership Giver. Through the convenience of payroll deduction, this can be achieved for a minimum monthly deduction of $83.34 – only $2.74 per day.


Retiree Giving

Are you planning on retiring soon? Did you know that you still can contribute to your favorite non-profits via payroll deduction through your CalPERS retiree check?


What Your Donation Buys

Your donations can make a big difference for local nonprofits. Several nonprofits that participate in Our Promise offer great information about the difference donations can make. A gift of $10 per month could feed a family of 4, or a gift of $20 a month could help one family work towards financial stability via job skills training, childcare and healthcare.