2017 Nonprofit Certification is Open!

Nonprofit certification for the 2017 Our Promise Initiative is open! Certification closes on February 28, 2017.

Fill out the application if your organization was an Independent certified nonprofit and NOT listed under a federation or PCFD (aka local United Way) in last year’s campaign or you have expressed interest in being listed as an Independent certified nonprofit in this coming year’s campaign.

If your nonprofit is usually listed under a PCFD (aka local United Way)or federation, you DO NOT apply here. Your local United Way or federation will apply on your behalf and send us your information.

Not sure how you have been listed? Go here and look up your nonprofit. Click on your nonprofit’s profile, and you’ll see a section on the left hand side that reads “This Item Appears In” If it says “Independent” your nonprofit is listed in OP Initiative materials as in independent certified nonprofit. If an organization name appears like a United Way or a federation name, your nonprofit has been listed as a member of that federation or PCFD (aka local United Way).

For any questions, please contact